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A Note on Terminology

III. A Note on Terminology

We are sure that you think your prior experience has prepared you for this learning venture, but just in case we are correct in assuming you are just another loggerheaded nincompoop that has sought out our aid because of our reputation for excellence, here is a brief list of the terms we will be using in this text

The Enemy – Our most despised foe, Who is bent on undoing all of our work and elevating those little flesh creatures to a level above even us.  All of our efforts to disprove His lies have failed.  (Some would say this is due to Him being truth, but this is obviously the result of some delusion of grandeur.).  During the course of the current conflict we have done extensive research on Him, searching for some weakness, some point of attack.  Unfortunately, research is still…ongoing.  We have managed to find out His plan.  According to intelligence, after His schism with our father, He created what the fleshlings call “The Universe”.  He then created the planet known as earth and populated it with plants, animals, and those abominable dirt and spirit hybrids known collectively as humanity.  Seeing the obvious ramifications, our father took action to remedy the situation and prevent any further contact between the little beasts and the spiritual world.  However, the Enemy just wouldn’t leave well enough alone and pursued them, a phenomenon often referred to as l— (see below).  Things should have stayed as they were, seeing as He cannot tolerate sin.  There should have been no way to redeem them.  But then He did the unthinkable, unconscionable, the UNFORGIVABLE!  He took on the form of one of the flesh creatures!  It makes us sick to even think of it!  But that isn’t even the worst part!  He then lived what He calls a “perfect” human life and took their place on His own chopping block.  With that action, nearly everything our father had worked for was destroyed:  all the files, the red tape, all of it!  But not all is lost.  As stated above, it is still possible to separate the soul from its creator.  The propaganda that He has put out asserts that we will ultimately be destroyed in a “final judgment.”  However, we think that time will be the ultimate judge of that.  Although we can prattle on in this base language until the end of time as they know it, it will never fully capture the essence of the Enemy.  Rely on your memory of heaven for a more thorough description

L— – This word is an abomination in every sense.  It has been said that this is the one word that begins to come close to fully capturing the essence of our Foe.  It is willing to forgive any wrong, yet delights in truth and justice.  Each sin brings it pain and suffering, but it will always return to that which has hurt it.  Any sensible entity can tell you that the natural order calls for the avoidance of pain, ergo the avoidance of anything that causes pain.  Can you begin to grasp the ridiculousness that word embodies?  Just in case you hail from the lower end of the bell-curve and have not figured out the word we are speaking of, we will spell it out ONCE:  L – O – V – E.  Gaaaah!  It makes us sick to even look upon it!  Henceforth the word will be spelled as l—.  One of the greatest hardships you will have to endure while in the field is the close proximity with which you may be forced to work with the concept of l—.  The flesh creatures were created with the capacity for l—, this was His perverted plan all along.  One of the first steps in securing a soul is to disguise the capacity to give and receive l— so that it may be safely stored away in the back of the mind under a thick layer of apathy or cynicism.  Consider the terrible experience of being submerged in a mind filled with l— to be motivation to do your job right.  As for us, we did our stint of being involuntarily subjected to its influence and do not feel inclined to discuss it further.


(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


Striving for the Goal

A few questions to start off:

1.)    How many times did you read your Bible last week?

2.)    How many times have you prayed over the last week?

3.)    How would you describe your relationship with God?

The Scripture we’re going to be looking at is Philippians 3:12-21

In this passage Paul compares living a Christian life to straining toward a goal.  The goal in question is eternal life and living a life that glorifies God.  He states that this is the same goal for which Christ has taken hold of him.  In other words, Christ offered Himself as the ultimate sacrifice so that we would be freed from our servitude to sin and be able to pursue eternal life and God’s glory.

This is all well and good, but how do we “strive for the goal”?

In verse 13, Paul says that while he has not yet achieved perfection he forgets what is in the past and focuses on reaching forward.  This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t remember what he has learned.  Instead, he doesn’t get hung up on the past.  He doesn’t fall in to a “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” mentality and keeps looking forward to what he needs to do now in order to reach the goal.

Verse 16 tells us that the next thing we must do in striving towards the goal is to keep doing what we already know.  Think about it in terms of physical training.  There are times when athletes hit a “wall” as it were and see little improvement in their fitness or technique.  However, when this happens, they don’t stop practicing.  If they do, they stand to lose what they have already gained.  Instead, they keep training and practicing the techniques they already know until they are able to reach their next goal.  Likewise, our spiritual lives will go through periods of growth and periods that feel like deserts.  It is important to stay spiritually active during these dry periods so that we don’t lose the progress that we’ve already made.  This means still spending time praying, reading the Word, and striving to serve God in our daily lives, despite the fact that God feels distant.

Another resource that we can draw on as we press toward the goal before us is our brothers and sisters in Christ who can inspire and encourage us.  Paul tells the Philippians that they should follow the life example that he and others have set.  When we are weary or stumbling, we can look to our fellow Christians to encourage and hold us accountable.  Again returning to the physical training metaphor, sometimes people find that it is easier to get out and train if they do it with some friends.  Friends can encourage us to be diligent in our training and help push us to achieve more than what we may if we were working on our own.  There is also a rich array of other resources that allows us to draw upon the insight and experiences of others, be they ancient saint or modern missionary.

Of course, we must be wise when deciding whose example we should follow.  Paul notes in verses 18 and 19 that there are those who profess to follow Christ but who ultimately follow their own appetites.  They are concerned with praise from people much like the Pharisees were (Matthew 23:1-12).  The people whose example we should follow are those who point to God rather than to themselves.  Who show us the way to our goal rather than to earthly distractions.

To summarize, Paul offers 3 ways in which we can move closer to God in pursuit of the goal:

  1. Don’t get hung up on the past, you can’t move forward if you’re always looking back.
  2. Practice what you already know so that you don’t lose what you’ve already gained.
  3. Let others guide and encourage you along the way.

Verses 20 and 21 give us one final piece of wisdom:  that it is the work of God through Christ that will ultimately bring us to our goal.  It is God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice that allow us to enter into the presence of God (Hebrews 10:19-25).  This is what gives us the hope in which we look ahead rather than behind, the hope that motivates us to keep practicing what we know, and the hope with which we encourage one-another.

Questions for consideration:

  1. In what ways are we tempted to focus on past mistakes?
    1. How does John 8:1-11 help us to understand Paul’s advice?
    2. If we are always either moving toward or away from God, how is practicing what we already know not equivalent to treading water?
    3. Who do you look up to as a Christian?
      1. Why do you look up to this person?
      2. Do you strive to imitate this person at all, or do you just admire them?
      3. How does God help us on a daily basis in order to reach the goal we are striving for?

Your Mission

II. Your Mission

Your mission, and you will accept it, is to bring souls to Our Father Below.  This is no simple smash-and-grab operation as you might suppose.  Despite a millennia of research, we have not been able to obtain such power.  Rather, our mission is a prolonged siege of the heart in which we attempt to set a barrier between the soul and its creator.  This struggle is not over until the physical death of the flesh.  Anytime before, there is always a chance that the Enemy may slip in under your nose and snatch away the prey you have been stalking for so many years in a single cruel moment.  Therefore you must never let your guard down and must never take anything for granted because your most genius and horrific work can be swept away in a brief second of insight.  You must guard your work well.


(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Time Management

We spend a lot of time these days thinking about, well, time.  We have carefully constructed schedules consisting of pressing deadlines, social obligations, and, just maybe, some “free time”.  It is apparent that time has a large affect on our lives.  Incidentally, time can also have a large affect on our spiritual lives.  When we are having a bad day, it is easier to do and say things that lead us away from God.  This amounts to more time spent away from God, starving our soul, than with God, letting Him build up and sustain us.

Having a bad day is often the result of several aggravating experiences.  One thing goes wrong, then another, and another.  The frustration soon piles up so that we have to look through it in order to see anything.  It’s no surprise that our frustrations tend to affect the way we see everything else.

image by Fiona the Awesome

Fortunately, that’s not the full story.  While getting frustrated is not, itself, bad or wrong or unhealthy, holding on to it and letting it control us is when things start to go south.  The dirty little secret, as it were, is that we are completely free to do what we want with our emotions.  If something goes wrong, we can be upset and then proceed to move on with the rest of our day.  You might be amazed at what God is doing in your life on any given day if you aren’t concentrating on being upset.

Sometimes it only takes a moment to let go of our foul mood and free up our mental schedules for God to work in and through us.

The Devil’s Creed and Our Current State

The Devil’s Creed

I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of the Enemy

I will set my throne on high;

I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north;

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

I will make myself like the Most High.

When we demons pause to reflect upon ourselves and our existence, we survey all that is magnificent and terrible.  We are purely spiritual beings, and yet we have been unjustly cast out of our rightful place in the heavens for seeking only to manifest our full potential.  Our whole existence can be summed up as a great battle against the Enemy and all who are either in league with Him or who are weaker than ourselves.  The vision that we have for the universe was crafted by none other than Our Father Below and revolves around the glorious perversion and destruction of all things so that we may once again take our rightful place.  By it, we shall ascend once more to the heavens, even if we must bring them down to us.

I. Our Current State

We wish to congratulate you on your interest in the vile art of tempting, it betrays your foul taste.  Temptation is our oldest and most defamed tradition, older even than mankind.  In case you are ignorant, and we trust you are not since you have seen fit to acquire this volume, temptation dates back to the initial departure of our father below from Heaven and the Enemy.  It is a well known fact that he was not alone.  He was able to convince a number of we, his fellow angels, to join his cause and we were subsequently linked to him in his departure from Heaven to Hell where we now have our base of operations.  Many think that our torment here is some sort of punishment imposed by the Enemy as we wait for our final destruction in the so-called “lake of burning sulfur”.  We, however, maintain that the pain we experience here is an expression of our devotion to reality.  Pain is reality.  How can it not be? It is all we have known ever since we came here.  Even while we roam throughout the world we carry a piece of Hell with us which sears our very essence.  Since any Heavenly experiences we have are in the past, we must disregard them in order to focus on the present.  The present is where we live and so nothing else can have any meaning to us.  You will hear some argue that memory is a gift from the Enemy that allows his creations to learn and to savor good times past.  Since this is so obviously false, I will not comment on it any further.  Suffice it to say that pain is our current reality and is, therefore, the only reality.

Returning to the topic of temptation, tempting did not come into broad use until the creation of the first man and woman.  It was at this pivotal point in history that our father below seized the opportunity and brought sin into the world.  Ah, sin…take a moment and experience how slimy the word feels as it slides off of your tongue.  Since then, the humans have changed their world and how they look at it in incredible ways.  They have transitioned from the bronze-age to the information-age, gone from alchemy to chemistry, and traveled from superstition to enlightenment, all under our careful supervision.  A painful but necessary fact we must recognize is that we are fighting at a disadvantage.  Every one of the advances the humans make are of no use to us until we are able to twist them in such a way that they point anywhere other than to the Enemy.  The bronze sword must be made a weapon of murder and the internet a veritable cesspool of sex and materialism.  There is nothing just about our position!

However, there is no need to despair.  We are confident that we will triumph in the end.  There is no denying our reality of pain and the more advanced the humans become the more prideful they become.  They think that they hold the keys to life and death.  As long as they set themselves up equal to Him, they will never submit to Him and they will continue to be at our mercy.  What a funny word “mercy”.


(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.