The Devil’s Creed and Our Current State

The Devil’s Creed

I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of the Enemy

I will set my throne on high;

I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north;

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

I will make myself like the Most High.

When we demons pause to reflect upon ourselves and our existence, we survey all that is magnificent and terrible.  We are purely spiritual beings, and yet we have been unjustly cast out of our rightful place in the heavens for seeking only to manifest our full potential.  Our whole existence can be summed up as a great battle against the Enemy and all who are either in league with Him or who are weaker than ourselves.  The vision that we have for the universe was crafted by none other than Our Father Below and revolves around the glorious perversion and destruction of all things so that we may once again take our rightful place.  By it, we shall ascend once more to the heavens, even if we must bring them down to us.

I. Our Current State

We wish to congratulate you on your interest in the vile art of tempting, it betrays your foul taste.  Temptation is our oldest and most defamed tradition, older even than mankind.  In case you are ignorant, and we trust you are not since you have seen fit to acquire this volume, temptation dates back to the initial departure of our father below from Heaven and the Enemy.  It is a well known fact that he was not alone.  He was able to convince a number of we, his fellow angels, to join his cause and we were subsequently linked to him in his departure from Heaven to Hell where we now have our base of operations.  Many think that our torment here is some sort of punishment imposed by the Enemy as we wait for our final destruction in the so-called “lake of burning sulfur”.  We, however, maintain that the pain we experience here is an expression of our devotion to reality.  Pain is reality.  How can it not be? It is all we have known ever since we came here.  Even while we roam throughout the world we carry a piece of Hell with us which sears our very essence.  Since any Heavenly experiences we have are in the past, we must disregard them in order to focus on the present.  The present is where we live and so nothing else can have any meaning to us.  You will hear some argue that memory is a gift from the Enemy that allows his creations to learn and to savor good times past.  Since this is so obviously false, I will not comment on it any further.  Suffice it to say that pain is our current reality and is, therefore, the only reality.

Returning to the topic of temptation, tempting did not come into broad use until the creation of the first man and woman.  It was at this pivotal point in history that our father below seized the opportunity and brought sin into the world.  Ah, sin…take a moment and experience how slimy the word feels as it slides off of your tongue.  Since then, the humans have changed their world and how they look at it in incredible ways.  They have transitioned from the bronze-age to the information-age, gone from alchemy to chemistry, and traveled from superstition to enlightenment, all under our careful supervision.  A painful but necessary fact we must recognize is that we are fighting at a disadvantage.  Every one of the advances the humans make are of no use to us until we are able to twist them in such a way that they point anywhere other than to the Enemy.  The bronze sword must be made a weapon of murder and the internet a veritable cesspool of sex and materialism.  There is nothing just about our position!

However, there is no need to despair.  We are confident that we will triumph in the end.  There is no denying our reality of pain and the more advanced the humans become the more prideful they become.  They think that they hold the keys to life and death.  As long as they set themselves up equal to Him, they will never submit to Him and they will continue to be at our mercy.  What a funny word “mercy”.


(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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