Time Management

We spend a lot of time these days thinking about, well, time.  We have carefully constructed schedules consisting of pressing deadlines, social obligations, and, just maybe, some “free time”.  It is apparent that time has a large affect on our lives.  Incidentally, time can also have a large affect on our spiritual lives.  When we are having a bad day, it is easier to do and say things that lead us away from God.  This amounts to more time spent away from God, starving our soul, than with God, letting Him build up and sustain us.

Having a bad day is often the result of several aggravating experiences.  One thing goes wrong, then another, and another.  The frustration soon piles up so that we have to look through it in order to see anything.  It’s no surprise that our frustrations tend to affect the way we see everything else.

image by Fiona the Awesome

Fortunately, that’s not the full story.  While getting frustrated is not, itself, bad or wrong or unhealthy, holding on to it and letting it control us is when things start to go south.  The dirty little secret, as it were, is that we are completely free to do what we want with our emotions.  If something goes wrong, we can be upset and then proceed to move on with the rest of our day.  You might be amazed at what God is doing in your life on any given day if you aren’t concentrating on being upset.

Sometimes it only takes a moment to let go of our foul mood and free up our mental schedules for God to work in and through us.


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