A Note on Terminology

III. A Note on Terminology

We are sure that you think your prior experience has prepared you for this learning venture, but just in case we are correct in assuming you are just another loggerheaded nincompoop that has sought out our aid because of our reputation for excellence, here is a brief list of the terms we will be using in this text

The Enemy – Our most despised foe, Who is bent on undoing all of our work and elevating those little flesh creatures to a level above even us.  All of our efforts to disprove His lies have failed.  (Some would say this is due to Him being truth, but this is obviously the result of some delusion of grandeur.).  During the course of the current conflict we have done extensive research on Him, searching for some weakness, some point of attack.  Unfortunately, research is still…ongoing.  We have managed to find out His plan.  According to intelligence, after His schism with our father, He created what the fleshlings call “The Universe”.  He then created the planet known as earth and populated it with plants, animals, and those abominable dirt and spirit hybrids known collectively as humanity.  Seeing the obvious ramifications, our father took action to remedy the situation and prevent any further contact between the little beasts and the spiritual world.  However, the Enemy just wouldn’t leave well enough alone and pursued them, a phenomenon often referred to as l— (see below).  Things should have stayed as they were, seeing as He cannot tolerate sin.  There should have been no way to redeem them.  But then He did the unthinkable, unconscionable, the UNFORGIVABLE!  He took on the form of one of the flesh creatures!  It makes us sick to even think of it!  But that isn’t even the worst part!  He then lived what He calls a “perfect” human life and took their place on His own chopping block.  With that action, nearly everything our father had worked for was destroyed:  all the files, the red tape, all of it!  But not all is lost.  As stated above, it is still possible to separate the soul from its creator.  The propaganda that He has put out asserts that we will ultimately be destroyed in a “final judgment.”  However, we think that time will be the ultimate judge of that.  Although we can prattle on in this base language until the end of time as they know it, it will never fully capture the essence of the Enemy.  Rely on your memory of heaven for a more thorough description

L— – This word is an abomination in every sense.  It has been said that this is the one word that begins to come close to fully capturing the essence of our Foe.  It is willing to forgive any wrong, yet delights in truth and justice.  Each sin brings it pain and suffering, but it will always return to that which has hurt it.  Any sensible entity can tell you that the natural order calls for the avoidance of pain, ergo the avoidance of anything that causes pain.  Can you begin to grasp the ridiculousness that word embodies?  Just in case you hail from the lower end of the bell-curve and have not figured out the word we are speaking of, we will spell it out ONCE:  L – O – V – E.  Gaaaah!  It makes us sick to even look upon it!  Henceforth the word will be spelled as l—.  One of the greatest hardships you will have to endure while in the field is the close proximity with which you may be forced to work with the concept of l—.  The flesh creatures were created with the capacity for l—, this was His perverted plan all along.  One of the first steps in securing a soul is to disguise the capacity to give and receive l— so that it may be safely stored away in the back of the mind under a thick layer of apathy or cynicism.  Consider the terrible experience of being submerged in a mind filled with l— to be motivation to do your job right.  As for us, we did our stint of being involuntarily subjected to its influence and do not feel inclined to discuss it further.


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