Your Mission

II. Your Mission

Your mission, and you will accept it, is to bring souls to Our Father Below.  This is no simple smash-and-grab operation as you might suppose.  Despite a millennia of research, we have not been able to obtain such power.  Rather, our mission is a prolonged siege of the heart in which we attempt to set a barrier between the soul and its creator.  This struggle is not over until the physical death of the flesh.  Anytime before, there is always a chance that the Enemy may slip in under your nose and snatch away the prey you have been stalking for so many years in a single cruel moment.  Therefore you must never let your guard down and must never take anything for granted because your most genius and horrific work can be swept away in a brief second of insight.  You must guard your work well.


(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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