Severing the Soul – The Ultimate Divide

Severing the Soul

As we have already discussed to a certain extent, the goal of all your efforts will be to secure the soul of the fleshling assigned to you.  In this chapter we will elaborate on just how a soul is brought down and the forces at work behind what the enemy refers to as “mercy” or “salvation”.  We will also discuss the inevitable fallout should you fail to accomplish your primary objective.

 I.  The Ultimate Divide

At this point you must be wondering exactly what it means to sever the soul.  To properly answer this question, one must first address the sphere of existence in which our battles are fought.  Existence consists of Heaven, Hell, and the universe.  Think about existence as the surface of the earth, consisting of layers.  The bottom layer is heaven because it has existed for the greatest amount of time.  It is the Enemy’s primary dwelling and base of operations.  Even we have been unable to determine the exact age of heaven despite our extensive and tedious studies of it searching for a way back in.  In our analogy, Hell represents the geological layer just above Heaven because it is the next oldest.  It came into existence after our coup experienced a momentary setback and we removed ourselves to our present location, designated Hell.  We claim it as our discovery and the world we have built.  The enemy has spread propaganda claiming that he created Hell as a sort of holding cell for us until we meet our “appointed end”.  Ha!  We would just like to see Him try to pry us from our stronghold!  But we digress; now for  the topmost layer in our geological metaphor:  the universe proper.  The creation of the universe is the first thing addressed Enemy’s propaganda.  The universe includes the earth and everything in it and beyond it in the space-time continuum.  So we have three layers:  Heaven, Hell, and the universe.

The one fault with the metaphor we have artfully constructed for you is that the layers of the earth are not clearly defined and intermix to a certain degree.  One of the facts running through all existence is that Heaven and Hell cannot coexist in the same place, much like darkness and light.  (We know that this is one of the analogies used by the Enemy, so you can save the paper and ink to inform us of this.)  Since Heaven and Hell cannot coexist, it follows that nothing can be in both at the same time, save the Enemy.  You see, there is no denying that He is omnipresent, but due to the magnitude of His being He can be present in different ways in different places.  It is said that Hell is where only His infinite wrath is poured out.  We know this is hogwash, but it is necessary that you be aware of the thought patterns you will come across in the field.

Now that you understand the basics of the nature of existence, we can attack the original question directly.  Since the Enemy is the only exception to the rule that nothing can exist in both Heaven and Hell, it follows that the flesh creatures can only be in one or the other.  However, they don’t enter into these states until the soul leaves the fleshy wrapper.  What we want is for the soul to fall on our side of the fence.  Believe it or not, this is the default setting of all souls.  You see, when the humans were first created, they were without sin (i.e. only obeyed the Enemy).  When this was the state of affairs, the Enemy dwelled with them in Eden.  It is paramount you understand that this was possible only because the flesh creatures had no sin.  Sin cannot coexist with the Enemy (allegedly due to His so-called perfect justice and righteousness among other traits).  So, how might one separate them from the Enemy?

Assuming you were unable to figure it out, the answer is that you must introduce sin.  If the humans have sin, then they will no longer be able to dwell with the Enemy, and if they can no longer dwell with the Enemy, then they must ultimately dwell with us.  Knowing what must be done, the next question is how it should be done.  Fortunately for us, the Enemy gave the flesh creatures the ability to choose for themselves.  We do not know exactly why He did this.  It is suggested by some that His reasons involved l—, particularly the claim that voluntary l— is somehow of a higher quality than forced l—.  In short, the humans were given the ability to choose the Enemy, but they were also given the ability to not choose Him as well.  This is precisely what our father below exploited when he was on the very first anti-human tempting mission.  He merely suggested that there was no need to obey the Enemy.  Another noteworthy part of his strategy was to change the way the humans thought about the situation.  Before his intervention they only thought about being able to obey the Enemy, but after our father spoke to them they thought about not being allowed to do something.

Needless to say, when the humans chose against the Enemy, they acquired sin and could no longer live directly with Him.  Fortunately for us, when the first humans fell, they tainted the whole batch.  In other words, humans are born into sin because it is in their nature.  This should make clear that our job is better described as keeping the flesh creatures from the Enemy rather than taking them from Him.  Try as we might, we are currently unable to carry out such an operation.  It is just another one of the disadvantages that we must endure in our conflict.  You see, while we are unable to take souls out of the Enemy’s hands, He is more than able to take them from ours!  For many, many years after the fall of man we were able to rake in countless souls because none of them had been reconciled to the Enemy.  The best they could do was to follow a set of laws that the Enemy gave them with the express purpose of revealing to them their sinful condition.  Of course there were a few select souls that were caught directly up to Heaven, and despite the anguish it caused us to lose a single soul, we were in no danger of losing ground.

However, yet again, the Enemy couldn’t leave well enough alone, He had to interfere; and in the most obscene way!  He became like them!  Putting on that filthy, stinking, suit of flesh and dwelling among them!  Of course we knew that He was up to something big but we didn’t know what.  This was a great opportunity for us though.  We now had a chance to make Him break His own rules and become a hypocrite.  What made this situation so unique is that when He clothed Himself with flesh, He directly experienced all of their senses, frailties, and agonies.  We had angles of attack against Him we had never had before.  The mission of getting Him, Jesus, as that part of the trinity was called at the time, to sin was so important that our father below saw to it personally.  Unfortunately, the mission was a disaster and our father was forced to retreat.  We continued our attacks, sure enough, but the embarrassment of that initial loss was almost too much to bear.  Those were hard times for us.  The Enemy went around making spectacles of casting our possessors out of their targets, spreading His propaganda, and undoing all of our work.  If that weren’t bad enough, He was taking on the religious leaders we had established and was showing their true colors.  It was clear that His earthly life must be ended if we were to survive.

Sure, it was an ambitious project, but we had no choice.  Hundreds of earth hours later, after many devils had pushed themselves beyond what any of us thought possible, we finally had the wheels in motion and had enough of the right humans working to kill Him.  Of course, by that time, we had an idea of just what He was going to do.  To think that we had made a mistake is nothing short of heresy, we merely had to update our plan.  The game was now to get Him to run from certain death by any means necessary.  We showed Him the suffering that He, as a man, would endure.  Even in the last minutes of His human life, as He hung on that cross, some of what we thought were our best tempters desperately tried to get Him to end His pain and leave the cross (it was certainly within His power to do so) , but He just wouldn’t listen to us!

The moment Jesus died is still burned into our minds.  We were unprepared for what was coming and even if we were, there was nothing we could have done…  Such blinding light and overwhelming power!  Our entire existence was shaken to the core as the One we had just seen die tore open the gates of Hell.  There was no thought in our heads other than to flee from the awesome presence now unleashed upon us!  We desperately tried to hide ourselves, but the very ground was rent and torn by His presence!  O, that we would have been buried under the mountains of Hell that we might be hidden from Him!  When He had disappeared and we had sufficiently recovered, we realized that He had taken from us the souls of those who had believed in Him and His power to save them!  The very bowels of Hell still shudder from the trauma of this event.

From that point on, there was a route that the flesh creatures could take to live with the Enemy forever.   They only need place their trust in Him and accept the “forgiveness” He gave them that fateful day.  So, in short, the flesh creatures are ours by all rights, but the Enemy has devised this foul trickery in order to snatch them away from us.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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