Severing the Soul – The Difficulty of Salvation

II.                 The Difficulty of Salvation

It is the experience of many instructors that young tempters possess the foolishness and impudence to ask about the possibility that they may fail to secure the soul assigned to them.  First, you must understand that once the human accepts the Enemy’s forgiveness your task becomes one of capturing rather than holding which is vastly more difficult.  The punishment for such incompetence will be swift and ruthless, as per protocol.  Ever since that fateful day on Golgotha, we have searched in vain for a way to negate its effects by force.  This is why it is so difficult to recapture the little beast.  Our careful studies of the Enemy’s propaganda have pointed to a phenomenon in which the Enemy actually comes to dwell inside of the wretches.  This indwelling makes it much more difficult for us to operate because the Enemy is now in a position from which He may annihilate any of your schemes scarcely after you have sent them from the trenches.

Given this state of affairs, we have two choices at hand:  we could tuck our tails and flee to the next battle for a soul, or we could dig in and see the current struggle out to the bitter end.  The proper choice should be clear to you.  We are on what one of the humans called “death ground” the only way for us is the way to victory.  There is a reason why we call Him the Enemy.  He is opposed to us just as much as we are opposed to Him and although we once occupied Heaven together, we now see the way to manifest our full potential.  The humans have had their share of wars and have even been so small-minded as to call one of them “the war to end all wars”.  Despite what they may think, the only war is our war.  In case you haven’t gleaned it yet, there are no treaties in this war, no truces, no prisoners, no mercy.  Perhaps you have been so focused on the humans that you have overlooked the fact that there is no forgiveness offered to us.  If we lose this war, the only thing you can look forward to is the “second death”.

Therefore, we will never give up.  No matter the odds, no matter the situation.  WE CANNOT LOSE THIS WAR!!  Consider this:  once the soul is lost to us, it is in service to the Enemy.  We cannot allow this new adversary to wander around the world executing the Enemy’s will.  Things will not be so easy for you as to allow you to skip to a fresh soul:  you made this mess and you will contain it.  The task shifts from trying to keep the soul from the Enemy to making it ineffective for Him, if not recapturing it.  The ways in which this can be done are similar to those employed in other tempting work, but there are some special techniques developed strictly for the purpose of bogging down the soul in question.  These anti-Christian techniques will be discussed at length later.

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