Basic Tempting-Revealing Yourself

Now that the stage is set, we can turn to the technical aspects of being a tempter.  We will describe the proper way to handle your relationship with your patient including revealing yourself to it and manipulating it with language.  Additionally, we will introduce you to some of the most rudimentary theories of temptation.

I.                    Revealing Yourself

The question of whether a tempter should show himself to a human has long been a ticklish issue.  The answer often depends on the situation.  Remember that your ultimate goal is to prevent the soul from being captured by the Enemy or, failing miserably at that, to make it ineffective as an agent for the Enemy.  The first thing that you must figure out is what the patient most predisposed to.  For example, in earlier times, the humans were more aware of our presence in their lives and were more likely to detect us anyway.  Therefore, it was more useful to reveal ourselves to them and to frighten them into obedience by the sheer magnitude and ferocity of our beings.  It was also just as useful, after having revealed our presence, to seduce them with the promise of power by performing a few parlor tricks for them.

As far as unclaimed souls are concerned, we tend to rely on the tried and untrue methods of the past.  However, before proceeding any further, it is necessary to burn into your intellect the fact that you should be very particular about whom you reveal yourself to.  If the flesh creature is already a fervent materialist, then you don’t stand to gain any ground and may actually botch the whole situation by alerting them to the existence of spiritual beings and it would not be good for you in any sense…

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