A Special Announcement: Oh the Humanity

Coming this October:  “Oh The Humanity”, a Bible study series inspired Kouta Hirano’s anime/manga series “Hellsing” that explores what it means to be human.

For those unfamiliar with “Hellsing”, the story revolves around the Hellsing Organization which is tasked by the English government with the tracking and elimination of vampires whilst keeping the general populace unaware.

Some of the main characters include:

Alucard:  A vampire who is currently working for Hellsing after being defeated many years ago by Abraham Van Helsing.   Alucard is an anti-hero as he has few, if any, moral scruples and is just as content to kill humans as vampires if they are in his way.

Integra Hellsing:  The current leader of Hellsing and descendant of Abraham Van Helsing.  She is the one who Alucard acknowledges as his master and gives him his orders.  Strict and duty-driven, she refuses to let a mission end in anything but success.

Fr. Alexander Anderson:  Anderson is a zealot who works for Hellsing’s Vatican counterpart, Iscariot.  Hellsing and Iscariot are often in conflict with one another as each claims exclusive authority to hunt down and destroy monsters.  Anderson is a self-described “living weapon” who has been modified so that he is able heal at a rate much faster than a normal human.  This ability, combined with his combat prowess, allows him to go toe-to-toe with any monster he is dispatched to kill.

The Major:  The Major is the leader of Millennium, the remnants of a Nazi effort to deploy the undead on the battlefields of WWII.  This project was crushed by Alucard before it was able to be put into effect.  The Major survived, however, and with his remaining subordinates, continued their work in secret.  He holds Alucard in high regard as an enemy but despises him as well.  The Major is infatuated with war.  He is also obsessed with destroying Britain and, perhaps more importantly, Alucard.


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