Introductory Techniques – Coercion

I.                    Introductory Techniques


1.      Coercion

The whole idea behind the coercive technique is not to destroy the wretches, but to act as more of a diversion (remember that we are not able to force them to do anything).  The pain and suffering you inflict on them serves no other purpose than to keep them from turning their attention to anything the Enemy might be trying to make known to them.  Although we do delight in their suffering, we cannot afford to become preoccupied with mere pleasure while in the field.  When pressing the human, it is not unheard of for the Enemy to turn the situation to His advantage by stepping in and encouraging the filthy animal to lean on Him after you have broken it physically and emotionally.  Therefore, you must proceed down the coercive path with caution.

Getting down to the practicalities of coercion, it can take two possible forms.  The first is simply a matter of hiding facts and coloring perceptions.  You may go so far as to use your power to inflict some suffering on them such as our father below did to the man known as Job.  There is no need to show yourself to the patient.  Remember that your purpose is to keep their attention on their own woes and not on what the Enemy has to offer them.

The other option is to manifest yourself to them and reveal what power you have.  You should know by now that the humans are absolutely terrified of anything they don’t understand.  That is why they are frightened by the idea of ghosts.  It is simply something beyond the world that they know and comprehend.  When you manifest your power to them, they will certainly be frightened.  If properly handled, it will help prevent them from engaging with the Enemy because they are too busy being afraid of you to even think about Him.  If you are as successful (as you are expected to be), you will be able to make the human into a hallow materialist.  This means that they cling to and espouse a strictly materialist outlook, not because they actually believe it, but because they desperately want to believe it.  It is the wet paper shield that they think will protect them from you.  If they huddle under that, then there is no need to press them any harder because as long as they shut out the entire spiritual realm, we win.

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