Introductory Techniques – Persuasion

2.  Persuasion

The next general approach that you can take with the flesh creature is that of persuasion.  Persuasion differs from coercion in that its purpose is to make the human see your goals as its own.  As with coercion, there are two approaches based on whether or not you reveal yourself to the patient.  If you choose not to reveal your presence, your attacks will primarily take the form of rationalization.  As long as you can convince the human that your suggestions are in their best interest (even if they are explicitly not), you will be able to guide them along the soft, gently sloping path to Hell.

Should you decide to show yourself, you are not, under any circumstances, to take an overtly aggressive stance.  This will amount to changing your tactic to coercion.  Even if you reveal yourself as a “little voice” in their head, you should not reveal your diabolical nature.  On the contrary, you should clothe yourself with neutrality or even as “an angel of light”.  When you apply pressure to the human, it should take the form of being their advocate.  What I mean by this is that you are to give the beast to believe that you honestly know and want what is best for them.  When you pressure them, it will not appear to be an attack as much as a friend’s desperate appeal to choose the best possible path.

In addition to the two strategies listed above, there is the bargaining technique.  Basically the exchange goes something like this:  you, as the demonic force, support the human’s beliefs of holding power by some timely parlor tricks.  The human, in return, grants you loyalty…and with that its soul.  The whole works is based on their timeless lust for power and more power.  This is one of the most useful features of the little beasts that you can use against them.  One of the reasons for the success of this technique is that they are typically unaware of your attack until it is too late; at the moment, they actually believe that they are helping themselves.  Generally speaking, their concept of virtue is something akin to helping their friends and harming their enemies.  Power and influence is a great way to do this and, therefore, all you need do is make the offer.  Consider also that all humans, regardless of their current social standing, are susceptible to this technique.  If they don’t think that they have power they will certainly want “their piece of the pie”.  If they do think that they have power they will still want more power.

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