Introductory Techniques – Pacification

3.      Pacification

The final broad technique that will be discussed here is pacification.  This is, by far, the most effective technique that we have deployed.  This success is based on the fact that one can actually muffle or even extinguish the human drive to seek after truth.  When He created them, the Enemy gave the little brutes a deep-seeded desire for truth that was fulfilled whenever they were with Him.  This was just another way that He looked out for their “happiness” as it were.  Not willing that such an opportunity go untaken advantage of, our father below took it upon himself to exploit their desire for truth by suggesting that perhaps the Enemy didn’t have all the answers and that He wasn’t complete Truth.  He suggested that they might find a greater truth by eating from the tree that the Enemy explicitly told them not to.  Thus, the flesh creatures were easily led into the trap and the rest is among our most glorious history (regardless of the assertions that it somehow fell into a larger “plan” of the Enemy’s.  We know the truth of the matter and will cling to it until the bitter end).

Often, our work is based around the endeavor of keeping information out of their thick little skulls and only letting in what is expedient to our designs.  However, should you be able to pull it off, you can smother the slimy little creatures’ search for truth and completely change the game.  The reason we use the term “smother” here is because of the nature of the maneuver.  The initial stages of your attack should take the form of distractions from anything the fleshling really likes to do.  We are talking about getting them to do something that is a sort of filler:  nothing aversive to the human, but not overly enjoyable either.  The idea is to get them to appreciate the steadiness of this lukewarm lifestyle.  Note that a lukewarm lifestyle does not mean that they are a homebody, prude, or anything of the like.  A stereotypical, party-down, drag-out frat boy can have an exceptionally lukewarm lifestyle.  The ultimate result of your efforts is a person who is always happy, but never joyful.

Happiness can be broken down into two possible categories:  deep and shallow.  Deep happiness is exactly the sort of thing we want to avoid at all costs.  It stems from an understanding of very real truths that transcend the speck of dust they call the world.  When they achieve this sort of understanding, it severely limits our options.  This is because our arsenal is cut down due to their newfound resistance to anything worldly.  Earthly pain, pleasure, achievement, etc. are all rendered null in their eyes.  We hesitate to write this (it has been painstakingly reviewed and re-reviewed by an entire battery of infernal publishing boards), but we have received permission to proceed.  Prepare yourself for one of the most disgusting and troubling statements in this entire book:  when those filthy, rotting, flesh beasts achieve deep happiness, they view the universe and everything beyond it in a spiritual sense very similar to the way we do.  The profanity of creating an abomination that is capable of this revelation aside, the dire implications of such a viewpoint should be apparent to you regardless of how thick or incompetent you may be.  Without the use of worldly distractions, we must carry out our campaign on open ground.  You would be correct in thinking that it is still possible to salvage the situation by keeping them away from the Enemy and encouraging them to be “spiritual” (what this actually means will be discussed in a later section) and appeal to a sort of secular fatalism or paganism.  However, the open ground that you must then fight on amplifies every mistake you make.  The slightest slip-up could cause you to lose the soul and fight a battle aimed at cutting our losses.  You see, open ground makes the patient much more sensitive to spiritual things and unless you are able to focus them on being “spiritual”, the Enemy may step in at any time and show them the truth and you must see to it that, if that does happen, they reject it.  Perhaps now you have a better appreciation of our preference for the “cover of night”, as it were, when running our operations.

The happiness we want, the safe happiness, is the shallow happiness.  Shallow happiness is just that:  shallow.  It can bestow no greater insight or enjoyment and will benefit them in no way.  Your job is to get them to overlook the lack of benefit and think that it is the only happiness worth having.  One way to do this is to use some sort of social construct to scare them into thinking that they can’t live or function without this sort of happiness.  Those who wrap themselves in shallow happiness can only lead to a lukewarm lifestyle.

Allow us to break it down into pieces your brain can digest.  When a human buys into shallow happiness, their perception of the world shrinks significantly because they size their world to match the boundaries of what can bring them “happiness”.  Take the average high-school student as an example.  They are typically concerned with any combination of four things:  sports, grades, popularity, or expressing individuality.  When they buy into shallow happiness, these become the only four possible sources of happiness.  Since they are constantly seeking happiness their world shrinks to the scope of these four things.  The result is that they are concerned with nothing outside of their high school life (a caveat must be added in the case of the grade-focused individuals because they usually justify their fixation with aspirations to higher education, however, one is still able to observe the shrinking effect in these cases).  If we are able to set up these partitions, it is much easier to keep undesirable thoughts from entering their mind.

The inevitable effect of selling them shallow happiness is that they become content with only that and do not desire anything more from life than to be popular, get good grades, etc.  They become a veritable cow in the pasture, chewing cud and not having a single deep thought or desire to explore the world beyond the fence.  This is the state in which the human desire for truth can be effectively smothered.  Recall that the sources of happiness they select have become their whole world and their lives are fixated on them.  With their concerns so limited, there is no room for a desire for truth.  Just as a plant dies without nourishment, so it is with human dreams and desires.

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