The Slippery Slope

The slippery slope is one of our most effective methods.  The key to its success lies in its incremental nature.  It allows you to gently ease the human deeper and deeper into sin (and therefore farther from the Enemy) without them really noticing what is happening.  You have two things going for you in this respect.  First, it is deeply embedded in human nature to avoid feeling guilty.  As a result, they have become very good at rationalizing their actions.  In some cases, they will go so far as to accept any suggestion, however ludicrous, that will alleviate their guilt.   This characteristic greatly aids the easing process.  Second, humans are pleasure-seekers and demand ever-increasing returns from their activities.  The payoff provided by this characteristic is that they already possess the incremental template of a slippery slope.

The technical aspects of the slippery slope are not hard to understand (at least for tempters with some degree of intelligence).  Consider the drug addict, one of our finer products, as a more concrete example.  When he takes the first dose of his preferred drug, the effects are overwhelming and manifest as a euphoria beyond anything he could have imagined.  This is because the receptors in his body are fresh and eager to take up the chemical he has taken.  As his body becomes accustomed to the drug, however, these receptors become less and less effective at the chemical uptake.  This process results in the same amount of the chemical being unable to bring about that euphoric first experience.  What is a pleasure-seeking creature to do?  More often than not, he takes more of the drug.  The greater quantity allows the lackluster receptors to pick up enough of the chemical to provide stimulation that amounts to a proper “high”.  However, his body will adapt to the new dosage and he will have to increase it again in order to attain the high he craves.  There you have the basic dynamic of the slippery slope as we use it:  diminishing returns on pleasure that lead to increased doses.  This tactic need not be limited strictly to chemical abuses; it will work just as well with anything that elicits a pleasure response from the wretch.  Things like food, sex, and power can also be used in a slippery slope equation.  You may even go so far as to use “spirituality”.

As with any tempting strategy, there is always room to refine it and tailor it to fit the particular inclinations of flesh creature you’re dealing with.  Even those wretched hybrids of spirit and dust have begun to figure it out.  It appears that there are certain genetic markers that predispose a person to particular vices such as alcoholism, homosexuality, and uncontrollable anger.  These markers are superb points of attack.  If the patient has no qualms about their predispositions, then a successful temptation is as simple as rolling a rock down a hill.  However, if they do have misgivings, you are presented with a slightly greater challenge, but a much more rewarding process.  Of course you will run into more resistance if the human really doesn’t want to engage in the particular sin you are angling for, but the mental anguish produced by failing to resist your advances is delicious on its own.  It makes them question whether they are really “good”.  Granted, this is a dangerous position due to the possibility that they will simply become more attached to the Enemy because they hold to a fallacy they refer to as “grace”.  That is exactly the sort of thing we want to avoid because it makes it especially difficult to entice them to leave His grasp.

What we want is a person who comes to grips with their own imperfection and falls into a state of despair.  The easiest way to bring this about is to carefully filter and manipulate what comes to their mind, specifically what enters their mind concerning the Enemy.  The only two things that should be allowed through are the image of the Enemy as wrathful and full of vengeance and the image of Him as so good and loving that there is no possible way that the human can associate with Him.  Of course we know that the first image is the more accurate, so you should have no trouble recognizing it and diffusing it throughout the patient’s mind.  The second image warrants greater explanation.  Why should we proliferate an image so similar to the one the propagandists of the Cloth spout from the pulpit every week?  The key, foolish fiend, is in the details.  When the flesh creatures think that there is no way that they can associate with the Enemy, they create a rather toxic byproduct which we refer to as “proud humility”.  Essentially, proud humility is the human idea that the bad they are capable of is far greater than the Enemy is able to deal with.  The Enemy makes the outrageous claim that he will forgive them for whatever they confess and repent of (we know that this is a lie and our proof will soon be published).  The consequence of this proud humility is that the humans enter into open rebellion against the Enemy by blatantly calling Him a liar.  If you are able to pull this maneuver off, you will find yourself in the delightful position of having the human “caged” so to speak because it will not be able to find any refuge from your attacks.  It will whittle out its days in agony and despair until sin runs its course and we are able to claim the soul for Our Father Below.

You may wonder why we have addressed proud humility in a segment concerning the slippery slope.  The reason is that such a slope is the best means to achieve the toxic state of mind we seek.  The slope may start off quaint and innocent enough, the occasional regret or bout of depression, but if left unchecked it will end with the despair that proud humility inevitably generates.  It does not generate despair because of any realistic reasons; rather it does so for the sole purpose of self-gratification.  It feels good to the vermin to play the role of victim because they think it will secure for them the good will of their fellow man or at least make them feel confident in their own self righteousness by playing the martyr.  Perhaps now you can see our general schema at work?  We give steadily decreasing pleasure in exchange for their eternal souls.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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