Tacking to the Dirt

When the Enemy created the world as the humans know it, His propaganda says about each stage of creation “And [the Enemy] saw that it was good.”  This is all good and well, if you consider a cesspool of ignorance and blind loyalty to be good.  Thank perdition that Our Father Below took it upon himself to liberate the humans from their ignorant fawning over the Enemy and make them accessible to our own uses.  The way he was able to succeed at this was to get them to value something more highly than the Enemy, in that case, so-called “knowledge of good and evil”.  This method of value shuffling is one of the most effective techniques in our arsenal.  We have become so proficient in this area that we have moved from merely rearranging the vermin’s values to completely excluding some in favor of others.

Enter the materialist – one of our finest creations.  He only believes what he thinks can be “empirically” verified.  That failing, he will go with the “scientific” theory that is currently in vogue.  The materialist fancies himself to be enlightened and is ever-ready to magnanimously share his light with the dim masses.  The greatest thing about the materialist is that he can spend his entire life studying the Enemy’s work and never seriously entertain the notion of a creator-like being.

The materialist is an extreme example of the exclusion of particular values.  What happens within the materialist’s mind is that we exclude the value of nonmaterial things and favor the value of material things.  The end result is that the Enemy’s advances are for the most part rejected.  Of course, there are rare instances in which incompetent tempters fail to secure souls even when they are literally handed to them.  Such lapses in capability reflect poorly on the department and are promptly and thoroughly dealt with.

The point that we wish to drive home is that we can capture a soul by tacking it to the dirt of the world.  The process of gaining a soul doesn’t have to explicitly involve ourselves and the Enemy.  You can dilute this black and white image of things and make it a much more favorable shade of gray by utilizing a third party called the World.  Technically speaking, the world is our domain, but this is a fact that very few humans ever fully realize.  Even among the Christians, there are those who do not grasp this fact.  People generally conceive of the World as the world, i.e. a neutral speck of dirt in the universe and all that it contains ranging from plants and animals to art and cultures.  When we refer to the World in the proper sense, we are talking about all of the tangible and intangible things that occupy that same time and space as the world which we use to lead them away from the Enemy.  We have managed to bind the two together so that it is difficult to tell the Worldly version from the worldly version.

It certainly appears as if some things exist in both of these spheres of existence at once.  But it is not so simple for us.  A better way to think the relationship between the World and the world is as a reflection and the object which produces the reflection.  The Enemy created the world, as told in His propaganda.  Since we are as of yet unable to perform any act that creates something from nothing, we went about constructing the World by setting up a mirror that reflects the image of the world.  We were then able to manipulate the surface of said mirror in order to change and distort the reflection.  Although the object itself doesn’t carry our influence in the least, we’ve been able to superimpose our reflected image on the object and thus the two become nigh indistinguishable from one another.

Despite this immensely clever maneuver, we were still not satisfied, an additional campaign was necessary to further fortify our World installation.  Recall, if you will, your prior instruction on the importance of the use of words in tempting.  To further obscure the perceived line between the World and the world, we set about mixing the two terms in the minds of the flesh creatures.  We give precedence to “the world” as the mainstream term while relegating “the World” to the dusty rhetoric of religious zealots.  “The world” then becomes the primary term used to denote both object and reflection while “the World” falls into disuse.  Having gathered both meanings under a single term, the line between the two gradually disappears and they are now extremely difficult to separate.

Now that we have taken care of any possible confusion surrounding the use of the terms “world” and “World”, we can get back to the business of attaching people to the world.  Let’s take stock of what has been set forth so far:  the humans can be separated from the Enemy by focusing their attention on the World in order to block Him out.  Thanks to the process and system described above, it is exceedingly difficult for the flesh creature to see what is really going on.

The question that remains to be addressed is exactly how we attach the flesh creatures to the World.  There are many options for attaining this goal, all of which involve creating a holding cell of materialism in their minds.  The real question is what kind of materialism to use.  Of course, money is always a good option in that it is a means to so many ends.  It may be used to obtain the things they want, which could be more material items or something more nebulous such as power or prestige.  The potential danger you face when playing money as a means to an end is that you may infect the flesh creature with your own sentiments about money.  If this happens and you do not have him secured to the money, itself, you will have inadvertently provided the little beast with an easy escape from your trap.  If handled correctly, though, you can turn this predicament into a great game in which you have the little beast caught between two hot irons.  On one hand, it has no regard for the value of money so it is content to frivolously expend funds in order to obtain the ends it so desires.  On the other hand, the money it devalues is the very thing it needs to get what it wants.  The end result is that it never has enough money to satisfy its basic needs with any regularity or, it if does, it is only with an element of spite that sours its sustenance.  Once you spring the trap and catch the human in the paradox, all that remains is to infuse an appropriate amount of pride to keep it locked in and refusing any help.

There are also more direct routes.  For example, you can focus less on money and more on the actual ends themselves.  It may be a particular car or dress:  anything that you can get them to feel is essential for their happiness.  Of course the move is much more subtle than simply getting them to think that a novelty will magically solve all of their problems.  The real trick is that we are getting them to place their faith in something that is temporal and not eternal.  More often than not, they will not be aware of this action because they deny the existence of such faith.  Thus, any tampering with it is very likely to go unnoticed.

What ultimately happens is that the money or item that you have pressed upon their fancy becomes their god.  It becomes that thing they will run to in times of trouble.  It will be their security.  They will tell themselves that “no matter what, no matter how bad things may seem, I will always have a roof over my head” or “I will always have my nest egg to fall back on”.  What they don’t realize is that they have invested in things that exist in time and space and that are, therefore, temporary.  When these things are taken away, you will see their world start to fall apart.

Although this may appear to be just the thing we want, given the pain and anguish they experience, this does not necessarily serve our cause.  Statistically speaking, the number of events involving the loss of material items we initiate is very low, limited to the most brilliant and most idiotic of our tempters.  You see, pulling their bed of roses out from under them poses the threat of awaking them to the spiritual reality.  Do not forget the reason why you spend all this time grounding them in materialism.  The whole point of your endeavor is to get them to focus on the material rather than the spiritual.  One of the Enemy’s most heinous tactics is to take away the human’s material possessions in order to get them to focus on what He claims “is really important”.

Do you recall the case of Job?  Our Father Below obtained the Enemy’s express permission to destroy all that Job had, even his health.  Things were going splendidly until the Enemy Himself intervened by giving Job a speech about His supposed sovereignty and other such nonsense.  We know that such claims are illegitimate.  But we digress; the point is that at the end of this ordeal in which he lost all material possessions, Job was closer to the Enemy than ever and we were left to pick up the pieces.  We are still analyzing the episode and trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.  Nonetheless, it remains a textbook example of why the last thing a novice tempter should do is to deprive a flesh creature of its worldly possessions.

To summarize, when we speak of “tacking to the dirt,” we are referring to the process of getting the human to place their faith in material objects rather than the Enemy.  What happens is that they never get involved with the Enemy’s camp and so they remain ours for the taking.  Additionally, they build up a layer of insulation that keeps them resilient to anything spiritual.  It is worth stressing here that we don’t especially care what it is that you bury their life in.  All that matters is that it is not the Enemy.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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