Romance and Sexuality -2- The Infernal Lover

As a brief review of the media will reveal, our propagandists have been more than successful in selling our brand of romance and sexuality to the humans.  Our greatest achievement in this particular area is the creation of what call the “infernal lover”.  In brief, this construct is nothing more than what we have told the flesh creatures that they want.  There are numerous advantages to this approach.  On an individual level, it raises all kinds of image issues.  Everyone wants to be that person they saw on TV or in the magazine.  Whole industries and subcultures have been spawned from this phenomenon.  The inevitable result of their trying to be someone else is that they eventually forget who they are as an individual with individual talents, tastes, weaknesses, etc.  At that point, we have already achieved a minor victory in that they are no longer being what the Enemy created them to be but what we want them to be.  The misery of such a position is of the more delicious variety.  They may appear to be “living the high life” and may appear to be experiencing happiness, but rest assured that (if you’ve done your job correctly) those are only appearances.  The persona which they are showing to the world is nothing but a hollow shell; it is empty and comfortless inside.  The experience that they claim is “happiness” is anything but that.  “Happiness” is merely the word we’ve taught them to use to put a positive spin on things.

If you have any understanding, you can see where this is going:  we establish a standard of attractiveness that few, if any, of them can achieve and thereby throw the whole lot of them into the dirt.  Those that fit our image less than others are even more distraught with their appearances.  Those that fit our image more than others will still be desperate and insecure because they still won’t quite measure up to our standards.  Those that we use to set our standards will appear to have it made, but they will be so focused on maintaining that standard that they will have no room for any real happiness.  You would do well to note that this standard is not static, but can change to fit the tastes of the time.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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