Romance and Sexuality -4- Homosexuality

This is a topic of particular interest to us as of late.  We have made great advances in the past decades and, in the interest of maintaining that momentum, the following section is devoted to the topic of homosexuality.  Homosexuality has been a contentious issue for many years.  This is amusing in and of itself because the Enemy’s position is made quite clear in His propaganda.  It may appear simple to spirits such as you or us, but when the human pestilence is added to the mix, things become complicated at an astronomical rate.  The particular difference that we want to focus on is that the humans have certain biological components which make them unlike any purely spiritual entity.  Originally, these biological components served to bring the whole being closer to the Enemy and aid in their mindless worship of Him.  Fortunately, Our Father Below succeeded in planting a virus in the system, namely what the Enemy’s camp refers to as “the sinful nature”.

A good way to grasp this is to imagine the sinful nature as a tumor that has grown and taken over their spiritual and physical substance even while they are still in the womb.  As a result, the difference between the two has become clouded.  We have often convinced them that it is their actual physical being that is the source of their sinful impulses rather than the “sinful nature”.  Interestingly enough, with only a little prodding on our part, the flesh creatures have taken this platform a step further and made it an excuse for their failings since it’s something that “can’t be helped”.  With this thought pattern securely in place, humans are now quite easily swayed by their physical impulses.

As great of an accomplishment as this is, it is merely a set up.  The real barb is in the subsequent use of words and the manipulation of their minds.  In the case of homosexuality, we have been able to distort and change the meanings of words such as “disposition”.  Without a doubt, the word “disposition” has been a most useful tool in advancing our agenda.  Disposition denotes a tendency to behave, feel, or think a particular way.  With a few of our modifications, it has become an excuse for a behavior and a pseudo-justification for sin.  What we have been able to do is present disposition as negating all choice in the matter.  That is to say, if they are pressured by their “natural disposition” (sin masquerading as natural disposition), there is nothing they can do but go along with the disposition, to make the sinful nature a part of their identity.  This particular approach can be applied to any number of sins besides homosexuality.  Take wrath as an example:  people often simply give up and say things like “I just have a short temper” and stop considering the possibility of change once their own efforts have failed.  At that point, they must not be allowed to turn to the Enemy and begin to let Him produce change in them over time.

The goal of all this word laundering is to take a sin and present it in such a way as to appear not to be sin.  Think back to the work of Our Father Below in the garden:  eating the forbidden fruit was presented neither as a sin nor as a great and noble act, but only as what any reasonable person would do.  Likewise, when we present homosexuality as being a disposition devoid of choice, we suggest that it is only reasonable to assume that if they have the disposition to do something, that something can’t possibly be sinful since “they don’t have a choice”.  Therefore, homosexuality in and of itself can’t possibly be a sin.  What about the specific references made to it in the Enemy’s propaganda?  What about them indeed!  The humans have already covered that with some help from us because of their distaste for feeling guilty.  When presented with such a challenge, they are willing to accept anything but what the Enemy is telling them.  All we need to do is throw in a few words to distort the context and they will gleefully take the lie and run with it.  In this way, we have been able to deceive entire churches.

There are also ways to utilize those who will not buy into the lie presented above.  As with all of our work, it is typically much easier to undermine them where they sit rather than forcibly move them to a different opinion.  In the case of the person who recognizes homosexuality as a sin, we want to use that position to erode their connection to the Enemy by using self-righteousness to set up a barricade against the Enemy’s work.  You see, any exposure that the flesh creatures get to the Enemy is not good for us. Even exposure to the Church, as far as it is a reflection of the Enemy, is not good.  Fortunately for us, churches are actually built out of the filthy little hybrids and we are therefore able to manipulate and corrupt them.  Yes, it is possible to bend a church so that it no longer reflects the Enemy but merely human views.  That is precisely our tact in the situation at hand.

The Enemy’s game has been this business that He calls reconciliation.  Intelligence indicates that what He means when He says “reconciliation” is a perverse offshoot of the concept of l—.  For reasons we cannot yet decipher, He goes to the filthy little creatures and brings them back to Him after all of Our Father Below’s hard work to separate them.  Now think, if a church is allowed to reflect the Enemy, what does that mean will happen?  The church will take in those who have turned away from the Enemy and be used by Him to aid in undoing all of our hard work.  The next question that needs to be answered is how we are to keep the church from carrying out this nauseating act?  We must distort the church so that it is a distortion of the Enemy.  Make them think that they cannot allow such an “abomination” as a homosexual into their church (encourage the human to think of it as his church instead of His Church and be liberal in the use of dehumanizing labels).  Give them the idea that if they do let a person into the church who is struggling with homosexuality, their church will be corrupted by him/her rather than the church being used for the Enemy’s reconciliation work.  Succeed in planting these ideas in the human’s mind, and he will do all the work of keeping certain people from the Enemy for you.  This is an especially amusing situation because those who the Enemy wants to use to reach out to others are now chasing them away from Him.  What’s more, those who the church is chasing away are in the same sinful state that every church member has found him or herself in at one time or another.

Stepping back from the situation, we can see that the human whose sinful nature has produced homosexual tendencies has been placed in a marvelous position for us.  With the distorted church breathing out hatred and hellfire at them, the only option in which they can find acceptance of themselves is by accepting the sinful nature’s leading.  The greatness of this maneuver lies in that it exploits the human need for love and belonging in order to force them to withhold all or at least part of themselves from the Enemy, giving us a secure foothold.

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