Tempting 201 – Conclusion

By this point, if you have mastered all of the concepts above, you should be a reckonable tempter.  It will not be long now until you are deployed to a flesh creature to bring our skill to bear upon it.  However, do not allow your newfound knowledge to go to your head.  You must never forget that the Enemy is never far from any of His precious little science projects.  He is ready at a moment’s notice to snatch them away from us should we be careless.  The various areas of temptation covered thus far represent only miniscule portion of the battlefront.  This War that we fight, the true War, encompasses all.  Therefore we have had need to adapt to innumerable situations in our pursuit of victory.

Though we are constantly plagued by the memory of what we were (how exalted we were!) before the present conflict, the human pestilence has by and large forgotten what they were before we enlisted them in the struggle against the Enemy.  The memory of the Garden and the sort of life humans once lived there is but a sickly weed in the collective human psyche which we will eventually tear up by the root once we have ultimately emerged victorious.  In the meantime, although we rightly refer to the current conflict with the Enemy as the real War, remember that many of the humans have no idea that it is going on or else they dismiss it as pure fantasy.  If our prey is content to turn its back to us, why should we wish otherwise?  Soon enough we will be able to see the shock and despair in their eyes when reality finally crushes the illusion they so desperately cling to.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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