Introduction – Facing Down the Church

You have now been adequately instructed to handle yourself in the field.  Throughout that instruction, we have oft admonished you to be wary of the Enemy’s movements.  However, the list of your adversaries does not consist only of the Enemy.  He is our chief opponent, but He has been at work over these many years raising a force to fight against us in the world.  This force is referred to as the Church (not to be confused with a church, which refers to a given community of so-called “believers”).

The Church is a conglomeration of humans that the Enemy claims to have drawn back to Him and who now serve Him.  He is very protective of the Church and goes so far as to compare it to a bride.  This perverse analogy not only reflects the depths to which the Enemy has sunk in defiling His spiritual nature, but also gives you an idea of  the hard fight you face should end up in direct combat with it.

Fortunately, our best researchers have yielded up a plethora of techniques to deploy against this threat.  Although the work is difficult, it is certainly not without its rewards both logistically and spitefully.  A corrupted church is an indispensable tool in our arsenal and nothing brings our existence to the brink of bearable like ruining the Enemy’s work.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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