On Showing Yourself to Christians

Interestingly enough, showing ourselves specifically to Christians has yielded beneficial effects.  On one hand, if they do not fully grasp the Enemy’s current “superiority” to us in power or if they take the command to live in peace with their fellow humans as license to make peace with us as well, then it is possible to drive them into a corner and keep them pinned down there.  They will be more afraid of facing you than they are eager to serve the Enemy.

The other route to send Christians after showing yourself is to lead them on a path independent from the Enemy’s guidance.  Once you are able to get them to rest fully on human knowledge and wisdom in dealing with you, you have them on a string.  One of greatest examples of this is the series of events now known as the Salem Witch trials.  The key is to get them to focus their attention solely upon you.  This removes the Enemy from their view and allows you to manipulate them much as a matador manipulates a bull.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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