The Empty Water

One of the areas that we have been successfully undermining in some churches is the institution of “baptism”.  The Enemy instituted this practice as an “act of faith” which manifests as a result of an internal change in the flesh creature.  It is an outward expression that the human has gone over to His side.  Such narcissism is sickening, even to we who promote narcissism as a matter of business.  However, we have been able to use the disgusting baptismal display to further our own ends.  It is well within the scope of our abilities to confuse the humans concerning the nature of the ritual.  What we see and know to be water and a script, they can be led to believe is actually their deliverance.  If you don’t understand what our tact is, consider this analogy:  a man running from a wolf is safe once he is able to climb up a tree, what we aim to do in focusing their attention on the act of baptism is convince the man that he has climbed the tree when, in reality, he is merely standing in its shadow.

The question is how we go about getting them to place their hope in water.  One way is to ask the right questions and then use their discomfort as leverage to warp their beliefs.  If they don’t like what they read in the enemy’s propaganda, but can’t bring themselves to outright reject it, then their beliefs become much like putty and can be easily formed to fit our own designs.  As it turns out, baptism is very well suited for this game.  In His propaganda, the Enemy speaks of what He calls “salvation by faith” but this term is often too vague to suit the human’s comfort level.  You see, they are rather fond of things that they can see, touch, taste, etc.  It is easy for us to use this inclination to focus their attention on the outward action rather than the spiritual reality

Generally speaking, what happens is that the Enemy’s word is not good enough to get them to trust Him and they seek to perform some kind of ritual to make themselves feel better.  Obviously, this is nothing but self-delusion but it accomplishes the task of (to return to the earlier analogy) getting them to think that they have climbed to the safety of the tree.  Many rituals within the church have gone this way and that is just fine with us.  If they are fixated on the physical and emotional aspects of an act, they will not be paying attention to the spiritual aspects.  Thus the act comes to provide comfort rather than spiritual engagement.  In this way the spiritual act they sometimes call a “sacrament” is transformed into nothing more than a hollow show.

The end result is the belief that the act of sprinkling water on a human’s head or immersing it saves it from us; rather a quaint idea indeed.  Such a belief in unfounded in the Enemy’s propaganda but it makes them feel better about a question which the Enemy would say they must answer with “faith”.  If you do well, and keep the focus on the ritual, then you can get a human to be baptized without ever making a commitment to the Enemy.  This is a great victory for us because all we need to do from then on is to keep the fear of being wrong dangling in the back of their mind.  It will serve to make them cling to their belief in the water and ritual all the more.

There is another direction that you can go when attempting to displace the focus of baptism onto the ritual.  This path deals more in tradition than show.  As has been stated before, humans are social animals and are thereby capable of being strongly influenced by other humans.  Since a church is ultimately a group of flesh creatures, it will inevitably build up its own traditions and practices.  Among these is an expected “age of baptism”, i.e. an age at which whelps growing up within the church are expected to be baptized.  Depending on the church, this expected act may be called other names such as “confirmation”.  The names used really make little difference as far as we’re concerned.  The point is to manipulate the humans so that there is no connection for them between the act and their spiritual lives.  Think of it as turning the church into an assembly line:  At age x, person does y, and that is all there is to it.

You may even choose to step up the social element by bringing peer pressure to bear.  If all of a flesh creature’s friends are getting baptized/confirmed around the same time or have already done so, it would be terribly awkward for them not to follow suit.  Thus, they go through the motions for social reasons rather than moving any closer to the Enemy.  If properly handled, the human will be content to believe that the spiritual change has taken place.  We’re sure that even you can appreciate the opportunity here.  We have in our possession a human that calls itself a follower of the Enemy, but is still in our camp.

However, never underestimate the power of ritual and tradition.  We only encourage these things insofar as they serve our ends as there is a very real danger at hand.  As a result of their spirit/flesh hybrid nature, their spiritual lives are influenced by their physical lives and vice-versa.  Trouble arises for us in matters of tradition and ritual when the physical is used to support the spiritual.  The flesh creatures can use the rituals to quiet and focus their minds on the spiritual endeavor at hand.  We have seen our share of diabolical embankments and barricades broken down by the Enemy when the humans use these observances as tools to focus their spiritual energies on Him and, simultaneously, receive His support.  Perhaps now you realize why it is so important to carry out this operation as a basic practice in dealing with the Church.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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