Thanks to our dauntless toil, a sizeable portion of the humans sitting in churches are there merely as a matter of tradition.  On a fundamental level, the power placed in tradition is the difference between the Church and a church.  One should note the distinction between Tradition and tradition:  when we speak of Tradition, we refer to the collection of beliefs and practices built up throughout the history of the Church in which the Enemy has continued to meddle.  On the other hand, tradition refers to the norms of a given church or individual that exist because “that’s the way it’s always been”.

We know full well that the mere act of going into a building and sitting for an hour, on its own, has no spiritual consequences whatsoever.  Convincing a human otherwise produces a phenomenon called “religion”.  Religion, simply put, is a set of traditions, rituals and values used to gain a sense of security in the world.  This security may take the form of working oneself into the good graces of a deity or simply explaining the world (think of the role played by the humans’ mythology).  Nearly anything can be a religion; from a spiritual movement to science.  Whatever humans place their faith in is their god.  You can observe humans partaking in what is generally classified as a religion by doing or not doing certain things and believing what they have been told to believe.  Likewise, there are also humans that claim not to have any religion or faith while offering sacrifice at a secular altar.

Denominations in and of themselves can be very useful in the endeavor of creating a religious Christian.  All you need to do is convince the human that any Christians that do things differently than what their religion dictates must be spiritually ignorant or bankrupt.  Perhaps the greatest example we can cite at this time is the schism between Christianis Catholicus and Christianis Protestensia, better known as Catholics and Protestants.  They are subspecies of the same pestilence, but we have been able to convince many of both groups that they come from altogether different kingdoms.  Each can be brought to think of the other as being little different than ourselves.  (Allowing such a comparison is a grievous affront to our own dignity, but it is the conclusion of the lowest infernal committees that spite sometimes requires such sacrifices.)  Fostering an “us vs. them” mentality accomplishes two ends:  first, it further solidifies their devotion to their religion rather than the Enemy; and second, it fractures the Enemy’s lines of battle and makes them less effective against us.

Utilizing religion lends itself to an attack on the fleshling’s faith.  Faith is a uniquely human quality that separates them from the lower beasts and from spirits like us.  The lower beasts simply do not possess the cognitive capacity needed for faith and we possess empirical knowledge in the place of faith.  Since they exist in both the spiritual and physical worlds, the flesh creatures see vague shapes in the spiritual world without being able to know if any of these things are real.  Experience can help them to determine the reality of the spiritual, but they can very easily rationalize their experiences to fit their preconceived beliefs.

At its core, the spiritual problem for them is that they can never be 100% sure.  The commodity of faith is what allows them to believe in the absence of complete certainty.  Many stubborn tempters have taken careful notes on so called “believers” while enduring painfully close proximity with the Enemy in order to amass the intelligence necessary to draw this conclusion

All data indicates that the combination of faith and the Enemy’s propaganda produces a phenomenon very similar to empirical knowledge, yet not quite the same.  Their outward appearances bear no differences.  What is different is the inner structure.  Factual knowledge is dead in the sense that it simply is.  It is similar to a building in that it may be remodeled, demolished, or rebuilt but it merely exists.  The faith phenomenon is different because it behaves more like a living thing.  Reconnaissance has observed the Enemy operating within it.  He appears to tend it much like a gardener:  feeding it, pruning it, etc.  The task of tracking His activities is made more difficult by the His use of an alias He calls the Holy Spirit.  This trick is nothing new to us as He has been at it for as long as Our Father Below has been around.  However, the trouble it causes when we try to file and organize paperwork is nothing short of horrendous.  Who could have thought that the ludicrous claim of being three beings in one could be so troublesome to the infernal organizational systems?

So faith is a commodity possessed by all humans.  What you should aim to do is get them to invest their faith in a religion.  The reaction between faith and religion is much safer and more manageable than if it is mixed with Enemy propaganda.  The result is just like factual knowledge because it is a mere state of being rather than something that is living and growing.  Faith in religion is the belief that performing certain acts or rituals will ingratiate oneself to a deity or provide spiritual fulfillment.  They may as well try to get a dead dog to fetch a stick.

A religion can be passed off as Christianity very easily, especially if the human feels a need to make itself right with the Enemy by its own effort or if it is just another link in a long chain of tradition-bound church goers.

Yes, if you handle the flesh creature correctly, you can keep it in a church its entire life without it ever knowing the Enemy.  Consider the Pharisees of old, their profession was to lead others in matters of the Enemy yet they were blinded by their traditions to the Enemy’s version of the truth.  We have only surpassed the creation of the Pharisee by the creation of the religious Christian.  The Christian is supposed to be an agent of the Enemy to carry His ruse forward.  The religious Christian, however, doesn’t carry the Enemy’s message, but the message of whatever other humans taught them.  When religion replaces propaganda, you have successfully neutralized the Enemy’s would-be agent.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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