Damage Control – Introduction

The following section is targeted at two classes of tempters.  The first is an elite group specially trained to operate under the harshest of conditions.  They are specialized in dealing with Christians that are very close to the Enemy and are drawing from His strength and Spirit.  These Christians are among the most despicable of our adversaries because they not only are aware of us and our work but also have the audacity to challenge our efforts.  Spiritually, they are well aware that they are on the front lines of the battle and refuse to back down even in the face of our fiercest demonstrations.  These situations come about only because a tempter has utterly failed.  Sometimes it is necessary to send in a specialist to handle the situation and see to it that the Christian is unable to cause too much damage.

The other class of tempter this section applies to is the complete failure that must deal with the mess they have created.  In some cases, we can use the failed tempter’s spite and hate as a means to enable them to withstand contact with the Enemy that, normally, only specialized tempters are able to handle.  Of course, this procedure has a price that must be paid out of the tempter’s own being.  Once the assignment is concluded, the tempter is not usually fit for any duty other than haunting assignments where their continual sputtering and mindless cries can be put to a constructive use.

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