Damage Control – Stagnation

This is a simple technique that is essentially a war of attrition between you and the flesh creature.  When a human has become part of the Enemy’s camp, it requires continuing exposure to Him in order to stay there and remain effective for His cause.  Think of it as serving a function analogous to the flesh creature’s breathing.  Your goal is to slowly suffocate the little beast’s spirit so that it will eventually fall away from the Enemy and become useless to Him.  The natural laws of the spiritual world favor us in this strategy, namely, the law of spiritual gravity.  The humans behave much like an airplane.  An airplane must keep moving forward in order to generate the lift that allows it to stay airborne.  If a plane stops in the air, it will fall out of the sky and crash.  Likewise, the humans must keep moving towards the Enemy or else they will inevitably fall away, pulled down by spiritual gravity.

There is no such thing as a spiritual plateau.  For even during the times when they don’t sense the Enemy’s movements He is still drawing them closer to Him.  It may appear that a human is stopped mid-air, but if you look closely, you will find that they are still climbing, if even by a miniscule amount.  However, you don’t need to force them into a nose dive in order to get them to move away from the Enemy.  You need only to bring their spiritual growth to a halt and they will drop naturally.

The most effective method of making them stall out is to divert their attention away from their need for spiritual sustenance.  This is usually accomplished by the pacification or tacking to the dirt techniques elaborated in Tempting 101 and 201 respectively.  Amazing as it may be, simple material objects can be used to overshadow spiritual things in the human perspective.  With concern for objects or sensations overwhelming them, humans tend to let spiritual things tend to fall by the wayside.  This means less time to spend with the Enemy which translates into spiritual decay.

Another tact that you may choose is to cultivate in them a sense of complacence.  Let them become apathetic.  Feed them the idea that they are “saved” and that is all there is too it.  There is nothing that the Enemy is calling them to do or change about themselves now that He is dwelling within them.  That tugging at their heart is nothing but mere sentiment.  Those are the sort of thoughts that we want passing through their minds.  If you are able to sell them on complacence, then you will see them become less concerned with their relationship with the Enemy, spend less time with Him, and once again fall away due to spiritual gravity.

If neither of these indirect approaches is a feasible option, then there is a direct approach that can be just as effective, but it is much more dangerous and taxing.  In the direct assault strategy, you attempt to blockade the flesh creature and prevent the Enemy from getting to them.  The best analogy is a castle siege with the castle’s relief on its way.  So far, no tempter has ever been able to keep the Enemy away from the human for long.  (Some demoralized tempters have returned from such a campaign making the foolish claim that the Enemy was actually waiting to make His move until it most benefited the flesh creature.  This is obviously the result of that tempter’s hysteria and has no actual roots in fact.)  The success of your blockade depends on the human giving in to you before it turns to the Enemy.  If the human calls out to the Enemy and turns the battle over to Him, the blockade is as good as broken.  This is why it is vital to keep yourself hidden throughout the operation.

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