Damage Control – Strawmen

If the stagnation approach doesn’t work to stem the spiritual tide flowing from the Enemy, you may attempt to use a carrot on a stick to lead them away from Him.  The use of strawmen is one of the most efficient and amusing ways to accomplish this.  Simply put, a strawman is an object that is used as a red herring or decoy to shift the focus off of a substantive point while still providing the illusion of success.

The same thing can be done in the Church arena.  Most often it takes the form of a cause.  What happens is that you take a cause and make that the focus and defining issue of the flesh creature’s spiritual life.  The scum then attends numerous rallies, seminars, and other events.  They may even become a well known and respected individual in their cause.  Yet at the end of the day, when the Enemy asks them “What have you done for Me?” they will have no answer because they have not been working for Him but for a cause.  More importantly, when He asks them “How much have you grown spiritually?” they will also have no answer to give.  You see, despite all of the hours they have poured into their cause, they never once included the Enemy in their work except as a figurehead used to dubiously justify their beliefs.

Remember that our business turns on keeping the human pestilence as far from the Enemy as possible regardless of whether they are in His camp or not.  It is especially vital to do this in the latter case because otherwise He will grow them into even more bothersome creatures.  It is an obscene process that is lumped in with that whole business of submitting to Him.  Suffice it to say that they are like plants that He provides with soil, water, and sunlight so that they may grow and produce fruit.  Indeed, it is a sickeningly lush analogy, but bear in mind that it was taken from His propaganda, so you know that it can’t possibly be completely true.  He obviously has some kind of hustle going, but our intelligence department is yet to figure it out.  The point is that we can use a cause to lead them farther from Him, resulting in them doing relatively little, if anything, to harm to our projects.

Leading the vermin away from the Enemy with a strawman produces a number of other useful side effects.  For example, as you move them further from the Enemy, you can use the extra space that would normally be filled by Him to accumulate a sense of hatred and resentment for those that are seen as being in opposition to their cause.  It should have been a basic part of your lab courses that hatred behaves much like a parasite:  it feeds off of its host and slowly consumes it, leaving a mere shade of the human behind.  The amount of hatred in a human is directly proportional to its unhappiness.

It is also possible to implant in the flesh creature’s mind a concept of the Enemy as hating certain parts of His creation (these parts are incidentally the same ones the flesh creature hates).  Granted, this concept of Enemy as hating people obviously runs counter to what He presents in His propaganda.  However, when the Enemy is cast in the light of hatred, the humans see Him only as a deity of justice (of the human’s own brand of course, if the Enemy really were just there would be no conflict going on right now as He would have seen the truth in our claims of equality with Him).

Now consider this:  what kind of relationship can the human mind conjure up with a deity of justice that hates people?  As you can hopefully tell, l— never enters the equation.  The perceived relationship is built on common hatreds.  The deception of l— that the flesh creatures thrive under is removed as hatred for others enters the picture.  To the degree that hatred rules their lives, to that same degree is l— removed from it and their souls languish all the more.  Now if hate holds sway in the life of the human, then they have essentially given their life over to hatred and, therefore, not to the Enemy and provided us with a victory.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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