Damage Control – Yo-Yo Christians

In order to present as a “good Christian” doing something “Christian-y” is in vogue at the moment.  Most likely because of the feelings it produces.  We have been able to use this to produce a number of what we call yo-yo Christians.  A yo-yo Christian is someone who goes on a trip, reads a book, does some work, etc. and starts feeling spiritually energized and enlightened because of it.  In reality, what they are feeling is only that:  a feeling.  It soon wears off after they have told others about their experience and how it made them holy.  Although a novice tempter like yourself may be worried about the apparent spiritual fervor, be assured that a closer inspection will confirm that it is only a feeling and you can sit back and wait for the air to go out of it naturally.

Like all humans, these yo-yo Christians affect everyone they come in contact with.  We are able to use this fact in our favor.  When the yo-yo is on a perceived spiritual high, it will attempt to do the Enemy’s will without having any actual contact with Him.  There is a story circulated in the Enemy’s propaganda about a similar sort of behavior enacted by the “sons of Sceva” a group of exorcists who attempted to subdue one of our agents without standing in any real spiritual power.  As expected, our agent quickly disposed of them and their pathetic attempts to meddle in our business.  Unfortunately, due to that agent’s rashness, the Enemy has been able to twist the event around into some kind of lesson to the human scum.  However, you students of temptation can also learn something from it.  These yo-yo Christians are very similar to the sons of Sceva in that they are more puff and pomp than real power.  Because of this, we can use them to accomplish our own ends while they are out on their quixotic march.

The first strategy is to focus on the yo-yo itself.  Recall that it believes itself to be positively exuding the power and favor of the Enemy.  What do you suppose would happen if we were to show it that there is actually a rather large distance between it and the Enemy?  Do you think that it would realize the error of its ways and scamper back to the Enemy’s feet?  That may be a real possibility had the sin of pride never been deployed in our struggle.  Given there’s a chance that your earlier lessons haven’t sunk in, we shall explain this in more detail.

Humans despise having to admit that they are wrong because then they would be faced with guilt.  Remember that the flesh creatures would do or believe anything to avoid this unpleasant sensation.  Based on this fact, a plan of attack can be formulated.  Suggest to the yo-yo that it is not the case that it has moved away from the Enemy, but that the Enemy has moved away from it.  This simple thought begets feelings of anger and betrayal which can then be used to drive the yo-yo further away from the Enemy and render it even more ineffective to His cause.

If circumstances permit, there is a second strategy that can be used.  It may be the case that the yo-yo is already a sufficient distance from the Enemy so that it is not necessary to drive it any further away.  The game in this case is to closely monitor what is coming in through the wretch’s spiritual intake.  You must make sure that no real spiritual sustenance comes in but that it only appears to.  The idea is to get it to think that it is being fed when it is not.  Allow the human to get real spiritual food, and you run the risk of the Enemy growing it, allow the human to become aware that it isn’t being fed and it may start seeking real food.  The key here is to pacify the human and keep it from becoming aware of what is really going on.

Keep in mind that you are creating the façade of a spiritual life.  At times you will allow it to take in false food and believe that it is experiencing growth.  Yet at other times you should close off the apparent inflow of spiritual food to simulate the periodic dry spells that all Christians, healthy or not, experience.  You know that the Enemy is the source of the humans’ spiritual growth and that it is impossible for them to grow if they are not close to Him.  The deception you are running is aimed at disguising their distance and lack of contact with the Enemy by hiding any signal that may be indicative of their current predicament.  Great tempters have been able to use this strategy to bring down numerous Christians.

Another approach to the yo-yo Christian is to use it to run interference against the Church.  As stated earlier, the yo-yo affects everyone it comes into contact with.  Normally this is a troublesome attribute when dealing with Christians, however most Christians are not as useful to us as our up-and-down pet on a string.  The use of which we speak is based on an ingrained sense of holier-than-thou-ness and self-righteousness.

It is necessary to carefully prepare this poison before trying to run any operations.  We are sure that you have covered the basics of spiritual chemistry in your lab courses, but it is a sad fact that not all tempters are equally adept and a review of this process is most likely necessary.  The basic mixture that you want consists of sophistry and a healthy helping of pride.  Sophistry is used as a harmless substitute for real understanding and wisdom.  It allows them to think that they actually know something without really knowing anything.  Just because they are good at arguing doesn’t mean that they really know anything.  However, sophistry on its own is not enough accomplish your goals for them because a straight-up sophist can be corrected and see the error of his ways.  It is necessary to add pride in order to lock them in.  A good fool is a proud fool.  The way this works is that there is a spiritual reaction between the pride and sophistry that fuses them together.  Remember how humans hate to admit being wrong because of the guilt involved?  Proud humans especially hate to admit they’re wrong.  Thus, they will refuse to see their errors and be corrected.

Now that you have properly prepared the yo-yo Christian, you can deploy it in the field.  The chief purpose of a yo-yo is to unknowingly put forth our image of the Enemy and our image of the Church.  The yo-yo is on a perceived spiritual high and thus believes itself to be close the Enemy when it is in fact far from Him.  When the yo-yo interacts with others and tries to push the Enemy’s agenda, it quickly becomes apparent that its attempts to be a “good Christian” are spiritually hollow.  This alone is enough to cause others to scoff at the Enemy and scorn His attempts to reach out to them.

In summary, you are to use the illusion of a spiritual high to put the Christian on a string and then manipulate it to serve whatever purpose best suits the circumstances.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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