Damage Control – Faith Limiters

Should you fail at the above, there is one last tactic you might deploy to salvage the cause and whatever may be left of your reputation.  A Christian is only as powerful as its faith and reliance on the Enemy.   The Enemy can, and does, build up their faith if they are left to freely accept it.  There are a number of ways that you can lock down the human in an effort to keep the Enemy from carrying out his perverse plan of spiritual growth.  We call these techniques faith limiters and they are intended for no purpose other than to hold the line in battle and prevent the loss of any more ground.

The first faith limiter is trust in worldly knowledge.  This is a very simple technique that is based completely on doubt.  Every day the flesh creature is bombarded with all kinds of information and “facts”.  These facts can be used to make the human think that the Enemy is only able to work within the bounds of the world He created.  This means that the occurrence of so-called “miracles” is very difficult for the human to take to heart.  By definition, such miracles challenge their concept of how the world works and, therefore, greatly distress them.  They would much rather that the Enemy leave them to have complete knowledge and control of the world around them.  This aversion to the unknown works greatly in our favor when trying to cap their faith.  All you need to do is consistently remind the little mutant that there is a perfectly reasonable and scientific explanation for everything.

The second limiter is much more subtle than the first because it involves hiding your attack on their faith.  In this case, they fully believe the stories in the Enemy’s propaganda but they never take the step of thinking that it could ever relate to them in any real sense.  The unconscious thought that cycles through their head goes something like this:  “Wow, that was an amazing story, but it has nothing to do with me.”  It certainly doesn’t appear to be an outright denial of what the Enemy says, but recall that the Enemy is ever so fond of changing them by way of His propaganda.  Though they believe the stories, they deny the ability of the Enemy to reach them through such stories.  This maneuver relies on quietly slipping doubt and denial into their hearts.

They can think that they are perfectly good, obedient Christians while completely and utterly disbelieving the Enemy.  Our social engineers have done a magnificent job of creating an environment conducive to this sort of game.  Even if they believe the Enemy, they have been conditioned to think in terms of what they can perceive with their own senses.  These conditioned ways of thinking limit what they believe about Him and therefore what they allow Him to do for them.  The less involvement the Enemy has in the flesh creature’s life, the better chance you have of smothering the little abomination.

The third limiter is particularly amusing because of the irony inherent in it.  This is the “do it myself” (d.i.m.) Christian.  The d.i.m. Christian insists on being wholly self-sufficient even to the exclusion of the Enemy’s work in their lives.  One particularly useful pitfall is the institution of works-based religion.  Focus their attention on doing good things and following rules.  This does a surprisingly good job of turning their perception of the Enemy’s propaganda into a collection of abstract ideas that have little meaning beyond defining what is good and what is bad.  This throws up a mental barricade that prevents the entry of anything unsavory that might come from the Enemy.

This strategy also solidifies the notion that following rules and doing good deeds is the primary way to get into heaven.  Ha!  If that were the case then we would be back in our rightful places given all of the good deeds we’ve done by awakening the humans to true freedom apart from that egotistical megalomaniac who started this conflict in the first place by resisting our claim to be His equals.  As mentioned earlier it appears that the gateway to heaven is something that the Enemy refers to as “grace”.  We have not yet figured out what He really means by this, but our intelligence department is hard at work right now to uncover the truth of the matter.  Suffice it to say that a focus on doing good deeds is preferable to a focus on this “grace”.  The emphasis on good deeds provides a great payoff if one is skilled enough to see it through to its conclusion.

When the flesh creature adopts the idea that they are, by themselves, improving their spiritual lives by doing good deeds, you are able to move to the next phase.  Next, you must gently nudge the little beast into a position where it believes (regardless of what it may verbally claim) that it is the master of its own spiritual destiny.  Achieve this, and you will have successfully sculpted the sack of viscera into a d.i.m. Christian.  It actually rejects the Enemy’s help because it “can handle things just fine on its own”.  The Enemy is merely expected to repay good deeds with a happy life and eternity.  From this precarious position, you may, if practical, go for the kill by eroding the role of “grace” in the human’s life.  Make it more and more of an abstract concept.  In short, you are aiming to make good deeds the wretch’s perceived source of entry into heaven.  However, it is certainly in for quite a surprise.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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