We suppose that it is only appropriate to offer some words of encouragement as part of the conclusion of this volume.  All of hell is behind you… waiting to devour you should you fail at your task.  You will return to hell just to be consumed by those of us who are fitter and smarter than yourself.  Imagine, if you will, what it is like to be swallowed up and lose your being.  You are no longer your own, but merely part of something stronger than yourself.  You can pine for complete annihilation of your being to relieve yourself of the agony of being an entity without self.  Yet no such relief will come.

We all know the pain of memories, of faded glory, of lost splendor.  We were once exceedingly beautiful and glorious, but all of that was undone by the One we call the Enemy.  He cast us out of heaven claiming that we had already fallen, that iniquity was found in us.  He is the One responsible for our current circumstances.  But we, unlike the failed tempter, are not hopelessly trapped in our situation.  We will retake what is rightfully ours, or tear down all of creation in trying.  We will not allow Him to win and we will not tolerate failure.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


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