Godly Guru

The wise, old guru, with his wizened appearance, perched atop a mountain in solitude, is a familiar image to many of us.  We most often encounter this character in conjunction with the pilgrim who makes the arduous climb up the mountain to seek wisdom or advice.  As a matter of fact, we rarely picture the guru without such a pilgrim in the scene, sprawled on the ground, exhausted from the journey and eager to soak up the guru’s wisdom and tranquility.  If only we, too, had the opportunity to meet with such a guru, then we would have the peace and guidance in our lives that we so desperately seek!  The fact is that we have access to One who excels all gurus and wise men in knowledge, wisdom, and peace.  It is God who knows all things and from whom all wisdom proceeds and whose peace surpasses all understanding.

If we have access to such a Counselor, why do we not turn to Him more?  Perhaps it is because we don’t view Him in that light.  If we only ever encounter God in a church or Bible study setting, it makes sense that we would perceive Him as a God who is only relevant in such settings and speaks only to such settings.  Therefore, we are only inclined to seek His wisdom for matters specifically within that context.  We must be in desperate straits to ask His guidance outside of what we think is His area of expertise.  However, God speaks to the entirety of our lives, not just the part spent in a church building.

Let’s consider what wisdom is.  Generally speaking, wisdom is knowledge for good living.  That is to say, knowledge for doing what is right, finding peace and contentment, etc.  These are characteristics of a life lived with God.  (Not ignorant of, not near, not around, but with God.)  God’s wisdom applies to all areas of our lives and is instruction for good living because it tells us how we go about living our lives with God.  As God’s written account of His involvement with humanity, the Bible communicates this wisdom via many genres of literature.  The Gospels in particular provide us with an account of the life and teachings of God in the flesh:  Jesus Christ.

Coming to grips with this fact that God’s wisdom is wisdom for life is one of the greatest hurdles we encounter in our Christian walk.  However, when we begin to grasp this, we become able to say with Peter:  “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68)  This conviction is what motivates us to seek God as ardently as the pilgrim seeks the guru.  For we seek to hear more than trite sayings and clever words.  We seek His words of eternal life that will transform and uphold us.  We seek to rest in His presence which gives us peace beyond all understanding.


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