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The Lost World

What is the first thing you think of when you think of dinosaurs?  Bones on display in museums? Blockbuster films?  What about when you think of dinosaurs and God?  The evolution vs creationism debate?  The question of how old the earth really is?

Consider the following:  there is sufficient fossil evidence to indicate that dinosaurs did in fact exist.  We also know that all of creation bears God’s fingerprints. (Romans 1:20)  Therefore, we can conclude that a dinosaur, or even a Wooly Mammoth for that matter, reflects God’s glory as much as any living thing we can see today.  They are extinct, but they are still God-created.

Take Tyrannosaurus Rex, the “king of the dinosaurs”, as an example.  This massive carnivore could be as long as 40 feet and as tall as 15 feet; making it a little longer than a typical school bus and couple feet taller than an African Elephant.  It possesses a massive, four foot long jaw filled with serrated teeth.  These teeth could be as long as nine inches!  With this awe-inspiring frame, it is no surprise that this creature received the name “tyrant lizard king” when it was discovered.  Yet despite its size and power, it was still a created thing in the hand of its creator.  When its time came to an end, this monarch also passed into the mists of history along with its kingdom.

This reflection on T-Rex is just one example of how these ancient creatures can turn our attention and adoration to their Creator and ours.  If we take them for what they are, and rejoice in the glory of God we find in them, we will find ourselves in a world that is both old and new and overflows with testaments to God’s majesty.

Original image by Fiona the Awesome

Original image by Fiona the Awesome