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Tempting 201 – Conclusion

By this point, if you have mastered all of the concepts above, you should be a reckonable tempter.  It will not be long now until you are deployed to a flesh creature to bring our skill to bear upon it.  However, do not allow your newfound knowledge to go to your head.  You must never forget that the Enemy is never far from any of His precious little science projects.  He is ready at a moment’s notice to snatch them away from us should we be careless.  The various areas of temptation covered thus far represent only miniscule portion of the battlefront.  This War that we fight, the true War, encompasses all.  Therefore we have had need to adapt to innumerable situations in our pursuit of victory.

Though we are constantly plagued by the memory of what we were (how exalted we were!) before the present conflict, the human pestilence has by and large forgotten what they were before we enlisted them in the struggle against the Enemy.  The memory of the Garden and the sort of life humans once lived there is but a sickly weed in the collective human psyche which we will eventually tear up by the root once we have ultimately emerged victorious.  In the meantime, although we rightly refer to the current conflict with the Enemy as the real War, remember that many of the humans have no idea that it is going on or else they dismiss it as pure fantasy.  If our prey is content to turn its back to us, why should we wish otherwise?  Soon enough we will be able to see the shock and despair in their eyes when reality finally crushes the illusion they so desperately cling to.

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Addiction Exploitation

A.     Physical Addictions

(Note:  Physical addictions were discussed at some length during the treatment of the Slippery Slope strategy.  Therefore our discussion here will be short.)  Physical addictions have their roots in the biological nature of the human vermin.  Essentially, what occurs is that the body adapts to a particular level of chemical stimulation.  When the body is thus adapted, the absence of that stimulation goes from being mere lack of pleasure to outright discomfort.  Since the humans seek to decrease discomfort and increase pleasure, they will go to great lengths to regain the prior level of stimulation.

Despite there being some difficulty in springing the trap, it is certainly not impossible and there are myriad proven strategies for obtaining this end.  Most often a slippery slope strategy is used in which the human begins at low levels of stimulation and is slowly worked up to a self-destructive state.  It is also possible to use social pressures to prod the beast down the track you desire.

B.      Mental Addictions

In contrast to physical addictions, mental addictions are rooted in the mind.  Desire is the name of the game.  The key is to thoroughly implant the desire in their mind and then tease it and not allow it to stop pestering them.  Think of it as an irritating itch.  Eventually they will not be able to help themselves and go straight after whatever it is that their desire is fixed on.  You see, in order to be successful, the desire must become an all-consuming desire.   The splendid thing about mental addictions is that they are very flexible and can be used to hook a human on to any of a variety of things.  If you can’t entice them with pleasure or prod them with discomfort, then sell it to them on the grounds of popularity or some other kind of gain.

C.      On the Issue of Control

Regardless of whether the addiction that you are working on is physical or mental (or both) in nature, your efforts should be focused on implanting the idea that the human has no control whatsoever in its addiction.  We may be well aware of the degree to which they do or don’t exercise what they call free will, but remember that the Enemy has stacked the deck in His favor and can quickly pull out an ace.  Therefore, take the utmost care in pursuing the goal of getting the human to give up completely.  The danger here is that when they give up, they may give up trying to deal with life on their own and enter into a despicable state of submission to the Enemy (sometimes called abandonment in the Enemy’s camp).  When they rely on the Enemy, you will find that your attacks are suddenly being directed at the Enemy.  This is why that state of submission, despite its apparent weakness, is astoundingly resilient.  You may as well march the vile little creature to right to the Enemy’s doorstep. Needless to say, they must not lean on Him in any way.

If properly executed, breaking their sense of control places the human in a position very advantageous to us.  Essentially, the humans lay themselves at the mercy of the addiction which, as we know, will not change and will not let them go.  The next stage after giving up control is utter despair.  When they lose control, their hope often goes with it.  When they lose that hope, any attempt by others to aid them will be seen as arrogant and ill-informed.  Thus, they will reject all help and be all the more securely bound for hell.

Don’t get it in your head that the only way to approach this task is by way of direct assault.  As is the case in much of our business these days, there are other, more subtle, ways of accomplishing this end.  For example, you may use the fear of losing control to get them to give up control.  Some humans, you see, have a chronic fear of not being in control of every aspect of their lives.  Obviously such cases cling to the idea that they are in control like pitch to fur.  You can use this very trait to accomplish your goal.  The trick is to get them to buy into the lie that they (on their own) can stop the addiction any time they wish.  This bit of rationalization gives them some false comfort while not altering their behavior because they think that they have a handle on things.

In the meantime, you have placed enough doubt in the back of their mind concerning their ability to stop that they come to fear that they are unable to do so.  The end result is that they become content to be swept along by their addiction because a.) they have a false sense of control to rationalize their position and b.) they don’t want to try swimming against the current because failing at it would confirm that they are out of control.  Can you see the brilliance of it?  One need only offer the proper bribe and instill a little fear and you have the little beast well in hand.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Romance and Sexuality -4- Homosexuality

This is a topic of particular interest to us as of late.  We have made great advances in the past decades and, in the interest of maintaining that momentum, the following section is devoted to the topic of homosexuality.  Homosexuality has been a contentious issue for many years.  This is amusing in and of itself because the Enemy’s position is made quite clear in His propaganda.  It may appear simple to spirits such as you or us, but when the human pestilence is added to the mix, things become complicated at an astronomical rate.  The particular difference that we want to focus on is that the humans have certain biological components which make them unlike any purely spiritual entity.  Originally, these biological components served to bring the whole being closer to the Enemy and aid in their mindless worship of Him.  Fortunately, Our Father Below succeeded in planting a virus in the system, namely what the Enemy’s camp refers to as “the sinful nature”.

A good way to grasp this is to imagine the sinful nature as a tumor that has grown and taken over their spiritual and physical substance even while they are still in the womb.  As a result, the difference between the two has become clouded.  We have often convinced them that it is their actual physical being that is the source of their sinful impulses rather than the “sinful nature”.  Interestingly enough, with only a little prodding on our part, the flesh creatures have taken this platform a step further and made it an excuse for their failings since it’s something that “can’t be helped”.  With this thought pattern securely in place, humans are now quite easily swayed by their physical impulses.

As great of an accomplishment as this is, it is merely a set up.  The real barb is in the subsequent use of words and the manipulation of their minds.  In the case of homosexuality, we have been able to distort and change the meanings of words such as “disposition”.  Without a doubt, the word “disposition” has been a most useful tool in advancing our agenda.  Disposition denotes a tendency to behave, feel, or think a particular way.  With a few of our modifications, it has become an excuse for a behavior and a pseudo-justification for sin.  What we have been able to do is present disposition as negating all choice in the matter.  That is to say, if they are pressured by their “natural disposition” (sin masquerading as natural disposition), there is nothing they can do but go along with the disposition, to make the sinful nature a part of their identity.  This particular approach can be applied to any number of sins besides homosexuality.  Take wrath as an example:  people often simply give up and say things like “I just have a short temper” and stop considering the possibility of change once their own efforts have failed.  At that point, they must not be allowed to turn to the Enemy and begin to let Him produce change in them over time.

The goal of all this word laundering is to take a sin and present it in such a way as to appear not to be sin.  Think back to the work of Our Father Below in the garden:  eating the forbidden fruit was presented neither as a sin nor as a great and noble act, but only as what any reasonable person would do.  Likewise, when we present homosexuality as being a disposition devoid of choice, we suggest that it is only reasonable to assume that if they have the disposition to do something, that something can’t possibly be sinful since “they don’t have a choice”.  Therefore, homosexuality in and of itself can’t possibly be a sin.  What about the specific references made to it in the Enemy’s propaganda?  What about them indeed!  The humans have already covered that with some help from us because of their distaste for feeling guilty.  When presented with such a challenge, they are willing to accept anything but what the Enemy is telling them.  All we need to do is throw in a few words to distort the context and they will gleefully take the lie and run with it.  In this way, we have been able to deceive entire churches.

There are also ways to utilize those who will not buy into the lie presented above.  As with all of our work, it is typically much easier to undermine them where they sit rather than forcibly move them to a different opinion.  In the case of the person who recognizes homosexuality as a sin, we want to use that position to erode their connection to the Enemy by using self-righteousness to set up a barricade against the Enemy’s work.  You see, any exposure that the flesh creatures get to the Enemy is not good for us. Even exposure to the Church, as far as it is a reflection of the Enemy, is not good.  Fortunately for us, churches are actually built out of the filthy little hybrids and we are therefore able to manipulate and corrupt them.  Yes, it is possible to bend a church so that it no longer reflects the Enemy but merely human views.  That is precisely our tact in the situation at hand.

The Enemy’s game has been this business that He calls reconciliation.  Intelligence indicates that what He means when He says “reconciliation” is a perverse offshoot of the concept of l—.  For reasons we cannot yet decipher, He goes to the filthy little creatures and brings them back to Him after all of Our Father Below’s hard work to separate them.  Now think, if a church is allowed to reflect the Enemy, what does that mean will happen?  The church will take in those who have turned away from the Enemy and be used by Him to aid in undoing all of our hard work.  The next question that needs to be answered is how we are to keep the church from carrying out this nauseating act?  We must distort the church so that it is a distortion of the Enemy.  Make them think that they cannot allow such an “abomination” as a homosexual into their church (encourage the human to think of it as his church instead of His Church and be liberal in the use of dehumanizing labels).  Give them the idea that if they do let a person into the church who is struggling with homosexuality, their church will be corrupted by him/her rather than the church being used for the Enemy’s reconciliation work.  Succeed in planting these ideas in the human’s mind, and he will do all the work of keeping certain people from the Enemy for you.  This is an especially amusing situation because those who the Enemy wants to use to reach out to others are now chasing them away from Him.  What’s more, those who the church is chasing away are in the same sinful state that every church member has found him or herself in at one time or another.

Stepping back from the situation, we can see that the human whose sinful nature has produced homosexual tendencies has been placed in a marvelous position for us.  With the distorted church breathing out hatred and hellfire at them, the only option in which they can find acceptance of themselves is by accepting the sinful nature’s leading.  The greatness of this maneuver lies in that it exploits the human need for love and belonging in order to force them to withhold all or at least part of themselves from the Enemy, giving us a secure foothold.

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Romance and Sexuality -3- Relationships

The previous section was the image-based attack.  The relation-based attack focuses on interactions between the two genders.  We already have their heads swimming with images and standards of what an attractive man or woman should be.  Our next move is to muddy the waters concerning what kind of man or woman they should date/mate with.  Their reasons for choosing a mate with particular characteristics vary from “that’s what they deserve” to getting affirmation of their own manhood or womanhood.  Note the common denominator of their reasons for choosing:  the focus of the relationship is on the self.  That is the brimstone standard for infernal relationships.  A tempter can manage with a relationship focused on the other, but it creates a sort of selflessness as a byproduct that can give the Enemy a foothold.  The one thing that we absolutely don’t want is for the relationship to be centered on the Enemy.

Selfishness is a vital component of a relationship because it is the foundation on which you can build any number of dysfunctions.  The other part of the couple becomes an objectified source of gratification.  This dynamic is more visible in some relationships than others, and we will further clarify it by examining two relationship types:

“Say My Name” Relationships – This kind of relationship is something of a tempter classic.  The human goal is to use the other person to bolster one’s status as a man or a woman.  This relationship is one they use to convince themselves that they are successful as a man or woman.  We can thank our propagandists for setting the stage for this kind of relationship by convincing the flesh creatures that a man or woman is only complete if they have the “right” member of the opposite sex by their side.  We are also able to graft into their minds the concept of the trophy wife or husband.  Our infernal standards of what is or isn’t desirable are most effectively deployed in this type of relationship.

Consider the stereotypical dynamic of a cheerleading captain dating the star quarterback of the football team:  whether you look at it from the perspective of the male or the female, the relationship centers squarely upon status.  Can you see how each uses the other as a mark of success as a man or a woman?  Notice how one human is using the other as a means to an end rather than being an end in and of him or herself.  This depersonalization is exactly what we want to see in a relationship.

Now imagine if this kind of relationship were broken, what might the effects on the flesh creature be?  The relationship was their way of knowing that they are a successful man or woman; if that is taken away, so is part of their security.  This newfound insecurity can, and should, be exploited to the fullest extent.  One way to go about this is to bring them so far down that they question whether they really are what a man or woman should be.  Care needs to be taken not to leave the Enemy any room to exercise His influence here to answer their question.  The humans must take our answer or not find one at all.  The other option is to play off of the unpleasantness of their insecurity and get them to rush into another relationship just like the last.

“Identity” Relationships – This variety of relationship is a mutation of the “Say My Name” relationship.  The difference between the two is that the identity relationship is aimed at securing the answer to the fundamental question of “Am I a man/woman?”  The “say my name” relationship was a question of degree (i.e. “how successful of a man or woman am I?”)  The identity relationship centers on the question of being in the category at all.  In this case, again, we can see the human-as-a-means dynamic at work.  The human goal in this relationship is to know that they are a “real” man or a “real” woman.  This sort of pathetic wretch cannot be sure if he or she is what they are supposed to be unless they have a member of the opposite sex in a “romantic” relationship with them.

The great irony of this type of relationship is that what they are seeking cannot be found in the place they are looking.  Our espionage indicates that current opinion in the Enemy’s camp is that only the Enemy can confirm what it means to be a “real” man or woman and if the human meets the criteria.  Such an answer is expected, given that everything there seems to revolve around Him.  That is just another reason why Our Father Below was moved to rebellion.  After all, who could put up with such narcissism besides those sycophant seraphim?  Needless to say, there is no cause to worry that they might actually find what they are looking for as long as they are looking to the opposite gender for the answer.  That is simply not information they have to give.

Breaking a relationship of this kind provides us with some absolutely delightful possibilities.  When a human with this kind of relationship loses it, they are effectively being told that they are not really a man or a woman.  Once again, we are presented with two options of how to deal with their insecurity and confusion.  First, there is the option of using their emotions to push them back into a similar relationship.  The second option is one that promises greater accomplishment.  In the “say my name” type of relationship, we had the option to bring them to this “identity” stage in which they require a member of the opposite sex in order to know if they are a man or woman.  In this case, however, we are starting with the human wondering if he or she is a real man or woman.  We can use the same operation as before and, this time, break them on a fundamental level.  We are not talking about merely confusing their identity. We are talking about a blow to their spirit that will forever be a point of reckoning for them.

It is now standard procedure for us to lay the groundwork for this maneuver during childhood via deprivation of the instruction or confirmation of masculinity or femininity.  Thus, we have already primed them for the kind of blows we can deal by severing particular relationships.  If these are properly dealt at the right times, a competent tempter can stir up bitterness and self-hate that will take years to settle down (if ever) and severely compromise the wretch’s ability to have romantic relationships.  The reason why this status is so prized in fiendish circles is that the inner workings of the flesh creatures are interconnected.  Cripple one and the rest will suffer.  Thus, a shutdown of the human’s ability to have romantic relationships will have a global effect on all of their other relationships.

However, this operation doesn’t come without risk.  You must know by now that the Enemy does in fact call some of the wretches to life as a bachelor or bachelorette.  Always be certain that you are moving them away from the Enemy so that your hubris doesn’t lead you into ignorantly going along with His plans.  Those foolish enough to do so deserve their punishment.

Those are the two best examples of the other-as-object-of-gratification dynamics in relationships.  For the purposes of this text, we will limit the discussion of relationships to these two.  The important thing for you to take away from this section is the idea that in any relationship, not just the romantic variety, you are to lead the human to focus on him or herself. Do not allow the Enemy to become the center of any of the flesh creature’s relationships.  Should you allow that to happen, you will find that all of your best attacks will only yield temporary emotional results.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Romance and Sexuality -2- The Infernal Lover

As a brief review of the media will reveal, our propagandists have been more than successful in selling our brand of romance and sexuality to the humans.  Our greatest achievement in this particular area is the creation of what call the “infernal lover”.  In brief, this construct is nothing more than what we have told the flesh creatures that they want.  There are numerous advantages to this approach.  On an individual level, it raises all kinds of image issues.  Everyone wants to be that person they saw on TV or in the magazine.  Whole industries and subcultures have been spawned from this phenomenon.  The inevitable result of their trying to be someone else is that they eventually forget who they are as an individual with individual talents, tastes, weaknesses, etc.  At that point, we have already achieved a minor victory in that they are no longer being what the Enemy created them to be but what we want them to be.  The misery of such a position is of the more delicious variety.  They may appear to be “living the high life” and may appear to be experiencing happiness, but rest assured that (if you’ve done your job correctly) those are only appearances.  The persona which they are showing to the world is nothing but a hollow shell; it is empty and comfortless inside.  The experience that they claim is “happiness” is anything but that.  “Happiness” is merely the word we’ve taught them to use to put a positive spin on things.

If you have any understanding, you can see where this is going:  we establish a standard of attractiveness that few, if any, of them can achieve and thereby throw the whole lot of them into the dirt.  Those that fit our image less than others are even more distraught with their appearances.  Those that fit our image more than others will still be desperate and insecure because they still won’t quite measure up to our standards.  Those that we use to set our standards will appear to have it made, but they will be so focused on maintaining that standard that they will have no room for any real happiness.  You would do well to note that this standard is not static, but can change to fit the tastes of the time.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Romance and Sexuality – 1

As you should well know, when the Enemy first concocted those detestable hybrids called humans, He created male and female varieties.  This division of genders is quite confusing, but it can be just as confusing for the humans as for us.  The problem is that the two genders are different, but similar.  One typically finds that, psychologically, there are more differences within genders than between genders.  The most useful way of understanding this state of affairs is to liken it to the Enemy’s claim to be “three-in-one”:  one entity expressed in three distinct persons.  Similarly, the human creature is expressed in two persons:  male and female.  If these two genders coexist and work together as one, the result is not only distasteful but also unbearably troublesome to tear down.  However, the task of destroying this harmony is not impossible.  You need only look as far as the example set by Our Father Below when he went about bringing down the first of the filthy vermin.  As long as they know who they are in the Enemy, they will be able to put up a strong defense to your attacks.  What you must do, then, is force them out of this mental/spiritual tower.

You see, Our Father Below’s first brilliant move was to approach the woman with his questions about the Enemy’s decree.  Do not fall into the same intellectual pit as some of the flesh creatures and think that this has something to do with the woman being in some way inferior to the man.  Rather, it had everything to do with the roles of the man and the woman in the garden.  The man had been charged to be the moral and spiritual leader in the garden.  It was to the man that the Enemy gave His decree not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  The woman was charged with helping and supporting the man.  The Enemy did not see it to be good that the man should be alone in his task.  The two are given complementary roles as each would support the other.  As long as the man and woman worked together as a unit, their connection to the Enemy would be as troublesome to attack as a Roman phalanx.

When Our Father Below approached the woman first, he upset the established order by addressing the woman as the spiritual and moral leader and the man as the supporter and helper.  In so doing, Our Father Below moved the upcoming battle to ground of his choosing.  The humans now found themselves distanced from the Enemy and from each other as the woman attempted to fill a role that she that she had not been given and the man withdrew from the situation altogether.  Again, do not miss the subtle nature of this movement by thinking it has to do with the man and woman’s respective abilities.  Each is equally dangerous to our designs.  The goal in reversing their roles was to lead them away from the Enemy’s influence and security.

You would do well to carefully study this maneuver.  It is rare that a tempter can get into a human’s head and suggest a transgression so directly.  Despite the flesh creatures’ inherent disposition to sin, it takes careful preparations to get them to follow through.  However, as you can see from the current example, the proper set up can get even those who have literally walked with the Enemy and known only Him to turn their backs.

With the set up complete (moving the humans away from their Enemy-given identity), all that remained to be done was to plant the seeds of doubt and the rest, as the humans so are fond of saying, is history.  As you can probably tell by now, the key when tempting in the area of romance and sexuality is maneuvering the humans into a position where they are uncomfortable with themselves; to take away the security blanket the Enemy gives, as it were.  Such preparation is what opens the door to further temptations.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


Depreciation can be targeted at two things, either at the self or the Enemy.  Depreciation of the self is a particularly delectable situation to observe in the flesh creature.  The goal is to get it to despise itself and make itself miserable.  Of course, it is up to you to set up the mechanism and get it started.  A great angle to go about this is to go for the beast’s feelings.  These make particularly good targets for a number of reasons:  first, they are generally uncontrollable.  The humans can learn to regulate the expression of their feelings, but they cannot help having them.  Second, since the humans place so much emphasis on their so-called “rationality,” they will eagerly jump to the impossible task of shedding their emotions.  Finally, humans are just as capable of learning from their feelings as they are of being deceived by them.  If you alienate a human from its feelings, you are able to affix another filter preventing it from getting any information except that which you have approved.

So how does one separate a human from its feelings?  Our social engineers have tilled the proverbial soil and made all the cultural preparations for us.  From an early age, they are bombarded with mixed messages about expressing their feelings and told what they should or shouldn’t be feeling.

We have utilized this in a larger framework when targeting the males.  We’ve led them to believe that real masculinity means being a hardcore stoic.  At the same time, we’ve begun to press them with the concern that they aren’t “sensitive” enough.   Thus, no matter what they do, they lose.  If they remain hidden under the rock of masculine stoicism, their repressed emotions build up and tear them apart on the inside while they fail at being “sensitive”.  If they try to be “progressive” and shed some tears, deep down they think that their tears are a betrayal of their masculinity.  In recent years, we have begun to put out a women’s brand of this strategy by playing off of particular sects of the feminist movement.

Similarly, anger is only to be expressed at certain injustices, but never at close others “because that’s just not right”.  Any emotion or expression of emotion can be taken advantage of.  The bottom line is that you should get the little wretch to be more concerned about regulating its emotions than experiencing them.

The fallout from this conditioning is that the flesh creature essentially smothers itself trying to regulate its feelings and conform to social standards.  With all this stifling and suffocation, the human becomes more stressed and uncomfortable.  It becomes difficult for the wretch to relate to its fellows and it becomes isolated even when standing in a crowd.  Singling the human out like this is can even pave the way for future temptations.  What’s more, the points at which it stifles itself become sore points that are considered best avoided.  Therefore, the little beast will dread engaging your installations, and even go so far as to defend them of its own volition.  All while you monitor the situation from afar.  On a related note, since some of the humans consider spiritual entities and mental constructs to be pure nonsense, they will refuse to acknowledge them.  It is important to nurture this belief as it will make them even more unwilling to address any emotional distress they feel and make your work more secure.

The depreciation of self is a self-perpetuating phenomenon.  All it requires from you is the proper care and tending.  One thing that distinguishes the incompetent tempters from the great ones is how they handle the step following the implementation of self-depreciation.  The incompetent tempters allow their appetites to get the better of them and haphazardly rush into alerting the flesh creature to its mental predicament.  Doing so allows it to see its thought processes for what they really are and a scramble operation must be launched to try and crush any resistance or any attempt to appeal to the Enemy for help.  Of course, these operations often meet with limited success and ultimately land the tempter in one of our fine incompetence rectification facilities.

The great tempters, however, know precisely when and how to show the human what is going on.  The initial panic created by this revelation is augmented by the liberal application of words like “can’t”.  With the proper handling, the human is soon sinking down to a despair from which they will rise only with what the humans call “a miracle”.  The force of the despair pulling down, combined with their frail struggles to rise can be used to warp or even break the flesh-creature’s spirit.  Doing so makes it more aerodynamic for our purposes and will also cause it to atrophy.

We now turn to the subject of depreciation of the Enemy.  The heart and soul of this technique lies in the manipulation of the flesh-creature’s beliefs.  We know that, unjust though He may be, the Enemy is by no means a foe to be underestimated.  However, it is possible for humans, and, unfortunately, even demons, to make this very error.  The difference is that when humans are doing the underestimating, we win, and when tempters underestimate, we experience a setback or worse.  We know that a full frontal assault on the Enemy is a gigantic risk and we only consider such an act as a final recourse in times of the most extreme desperation.  Given this, our plans are most imperiled when the Enemy becomes directly involved with the human’s dealings.  Would it not be wonderful if we could avoid this situation altogether?  We have not yet found a way to prevent the Enemy from interfering entirely, but we have figured out how to keep the flesh creatures from calling to Him for aid.

Since we, as pure spirits, possess empirical knowledge of spiritual things, the concept of “faith” is foreign to us and it is a testament to the ability of the research department that we now possess such vast and intimate knowledge of what it means to have, as the Enemy puts it, “evidence of things not seen”.  Let us begin with a very simple question:  what can you ask for and what can’t you ask for?  Can you ask for something that you possess no knowledge of?  Of course you can’t.  The ability to communicate your desire is altogether lacking.  Can you ask for something that you do not believe you will receive?  Once again the answer is no, and herein lies the important point:  the term “request” implies that you expect to receive that which you requested.  If you do not expect to receive what you have requested, then you have not requested it.  You have merely asked a rhetorical question.

Most humans know of the proposition of the Enemy’s existence and power, but what matters is whether or not they believe this proposition.  If the human can be brought to disbelieve in the Enemy, then we are able to gain the upper hand.  This disbelief can take many forms.  There is the flat-out disbelief in the existence of the Enemy which results in a mundane, but safe soul capture.  In some circumstances, disbelief can be used to produce a cultural Christian.  Simply put, the flesh creature will go through all of the motions of following the Enemy, but never believe a dot or iota of it.  If only we could make this the case for all of the Church!  At present, this is only the dream of a wishful fiend, but we assure you that with hard work and an unshakeable resolve, we can indeed make this a reality.

(c) Noah Wilson. All Rights Reserved.