Tempters’ Training Manual

Welcome to the Tempters’ Training Manual!  This is a short textbook written in the style of C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters” utilizing the satirical voice of a demon to discuss and consider various aspects of spiritual life.



Devil’s Creed and Our Current State

Your Mission

A Note on Terminology

Tempting 101

Severing the Soul – The Ultimate Divide

Severing the Soul – The Difficulty of Salvation

Basic Tempting – Revealing Yourself

Basic Tempting – On the Use of Words

Introductory Techniques – Coercion

Introductory Techniques – Persuasion

Introductory Techniques – Pacification

Tempting 101 – Conclusion

Tempting 201


The Slippery Slope

Tacking to the Dirt


Romance and Sexuality – 1

Romance and Sexuality -2- The Infernal Lover

Romance and Sexuality -3- Relationships

Romance and Sexuality -4- Homosexuality

Addiction Exploitation

Tempting 201 – Conclusion

Tempting 301

Introduction – Facing Down the Church

On Showing Yourself to Christians

The Empty Water



Damage Control – Introduction

Damage Control – Stagnation

Damage Control – Strawmen

Damage Control – Yo-Yo Christians

Damage Control – Faith Limiters

Damage Control – Concluding Thoughts



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